• May 23, 2017 at 10:31 am

    Formaldehyde is often hidden in the middle of the floor, children near the ground, formaldehyde also means that the distance near. According to the detection, from the ground 1.5 meters in the air layer, formaldehyde content accounts for over 80% of the total indoor formaldehyde.
    At the same time, the children are still growing, breathing quantity is 50% higher than for adults, so the amount of air inhaled formaldehyde than adults. At present, formaldehyde has become the important cause of children leukemia, about a third of the children.
    Is innocent, we know it when build a love nest, invited to the home have formaldehyde – paint, flooring, furniture, curtains, etc will be the release of formaldehyde. Most decorate adornment in the process of production need to formaldehyde as adhesives, in the traditional process of formaldehyde is not fully reaction can produce residues, the remnant of the formaldehyde emission process is very slow, can with decorate adornment to enter families, release period the longest can amount to 15 years.
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