• February 7, 2017 at 8:14 am

    Cybercriminals defraud millions of people each year stealing millions of dollars from victims and continue to invade the internet using various scheme and techniques.
    Their target is always our money so they will do everything to obtain private information and financial data from us. For this reason, we need to protect ourselves from their evil schemes. Here are some that might help you escape from becoming a victim.

    - Destroy receipts, bank statements or invoices and important documents that contain your personal information using a paper shredder to retain its confidentiality.

    - Be updated on latest modus operandi of fraudsters on ATM’s or cash machines. Before withdrawing, check the machine for any signs of tampering and if you find one, report it immediately to the police or concerned bank.

    - When shopping online, consider the use of Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode for added layer of security when transacting online.

    - I know that you have heard this many times but once again, frequently change your passwords for extra security. Choose a password that cannot be easily guessed, I advise to create a password with a combination of number, letters, and special characters and don’t use the same password on all of your online accounts.

    - Keep your personal information private. Make sure to background check the people or organization you are dealing with before giving any sensitive information to them.

    - Keep track of your transactions and compare it to your bank statements. If you find an error or any unauthorized activity then contact your bank immediately to settle any suspicious activity on your account.

    - Don’t be a victim of fake emails where they are asking for your bank details or offering free trials and gift coupons. Ignore emails from unknown senders and contact your bank instead for your concerns.

    - Install and keep your antivirus updated. You are leaving yourself vulnerable if your antivirus software isn’t updated against the most current viruses that have been created by cybercriminals.

    - Frequently check your credit file as it records details regarding all your dealings. There might be unauthorized or fraudulent activities on your credit reports so make sure to keep track of all changes.

    - Make sure that your firewall is in place because hackers might steal your sensitive personal information if you don’t have a barrier between you and the internet.