• December 28, 2016 at 8:25 am

    Technical requirements for stainless steel pipe fittings in production1, as most of the pipe used for welding, in order to improve the quality of welding, the end of the car into a groove, leaving a certain angle, with a certain side, this requirement is more stringent, more thick side, the angle for the number and deviation Scope are provided.[url=http://sheetstainlesssteel.com/]stainless steel sheet and coil supplier[/url]2, surface quality and mechanical properties of the basic and the tube is the same. In order to facilitate welding, the pipe and the steel pipe is connected to the same.[url=http://sheetstainlesssteel.com/stainless-steel/1955.html]Stainless Steel Sheet Price In China[/url]3, that is, all of the pipe must be surface treatment, the surface of the iron oxide skin by spray treatment, sprayed with anti-corrosion paint. This is for export needs, Moreover, in the country is also to facilitate transport to prevent oxidation of rust, have to do this work.[url=http://sheetstainlesssteel.com/stainless-steel/2320.html]bright surface stainless steel hexagonal bar 904l[/url]4, is the packaging requirements for small pieces, such as exports, you need to do the wooden box, about 1 cubic meter, provides that the number of boxes in the three links can not be more than a ton, the standard allows the suit, But the total weight is generally not more than 1 ton. For large y to a single package, like 24 “must be a single package.[url=http://reusableplasticpallet.com/]Custom Industrial Reusable Plastic Pallets[/url]