• February 14, 2017 at 11:12 am

    of which 861,200 hectares of afforestation, supporting barren hills and afforestation 1.3117 million hectares, 11,202,000 hectares of afforestation. In the area of ​​reforestation, the proportion of ecological forest was 83.64%, and the slope farmland was 35.11% of the cultivated land. In 2005, the grain subsidy was 2.481 million tons,[url=http://outdoordeckforsale.com/index.php]outdoor deck for sale[/url]
    and the investment was 26.812 billion yuan. Among the total forestry investment, the grain subsidy was RMB2.280 billion, the subsidy of living expenses was 2.35 billion yuan, the seedling fee was 2.68 billion yuan, and the subsidy grain More than 26 million farmers. Beijing and Tianjin sandstorm source control project In 2005,[url=http://outdoordeckforsale.com/garden-fence/2665.html]outdoor plastic wood flooring[/url]
    75 counties in the project area completed a total of 408,200 hectares of afforestation, of which 334,000 hectares of artificial afforestation, in afforestation, abandoned farmland afforestation 193,800 hectares. Completed the new closure of the mountain (sand) 333,900 hectares of forest, grassland area of ​​281,800 hectares,[url=http://outdoordeckforsale.com/wall-panel/2661.html]cost of composite sleepers for gardens[/url]