• January 18, 2017 at 12:43 pm

    We ordered the oak products, so the factory staff to take us to the area of ​​oak to visit the code, we in the Slicing workshop, saw the thick logs by a Taiwan-wide digital longitudinal cutting machine fast and accurate cutting Into a piece of sheet metal, the plate is used to process the floor of the plate and the substrate plate of raw materials. Did not expect a small floor was actually so thick logs out of processing. [url=http://outdoordeckforsale.com/index.php]outdoor deck for sale[/url]
    Then, the technical staff gave us a brief introduction to the basic process of production. Before the purchase, I checked a lot of information on the Internet, wood flooring is not environmentally friendly health, is not stable and durable, the key is the material, structure and bonding technology. Green Ka of the whole use of high-quality pine trees, Chinese fir as the substrate. [url=http://outdoordeckforsale.com/wall-panel/897.html]latitudes composite decking problems[/url]
    the natural plant gum for adhesives, matching the import of large tonnage hot pressing equipment and 180 meters remote control paint line a hot-pressing paint molding, bright and spacious plant both No pungent odor, and no dust. Children under the leadership of the technical staff, together excited and curious to look at the exquisite lines in front of us, we are also modern wood products manufacturing impressed by the great spirit. [url=http://outdoordeckforsale.com/garden-fence/897.html]plastic lumber suppliers houston[/url]