• February 7, 2017 at 10:58 am

    Production and output value can not go in the forefront of the industry, technology, technology does not meet the requirements of the national industrial policy, after-sales service can not continue to meet consumer demand, to ensure that the quality of products, Will be canceled at any time be exempted from qualification.[url=http://gardenfloorprice.com/]garden floor price[/url]
    Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau recently issued to Kono flooring companies, such as the first batch of “outbound bamboo grass products an enterprise” certificate, according to the provisions of the quality of bamboo and wood products, bamboo grass products grading will mean For the public to buy a floor to add a reference standard.[url=http://gardenfloorprice.com/wpc-fence/456.html]Porch Flooring Composite Tongue and Groove[/url]
    Beijing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, said the exit Bamboo grass grass-roots enterprise qualification than the relevant domestic quality requirements more stringent, not only requires companies to pay more attention to quality management, but also products such as parasites to prevent epidemic prevention, to prevent other wooden furniture in the home Suffered pests.[url=http://gardenfloorprice.com/boat-deck/456.html]New Plastic Wood Flooring[/url]