Why Content Writing Is The Best Career Option For You!
August 27, 2014
Why Content Writing Is The Best Career Option For You!
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What is Content Marketing

The internet today is a one stop source for all our needs from research to shopping, travel packages to news, even medical prescriptions; everything is sorted under one roof on the World Wide Web. Living in the information age, life has become simplified and data on any topic is accessible to us at the click of a button. But where does all this data come from? Did you ever wonder who comes up with all the information and content you read online? Well, it comes from a group of professionals known as content writers.

What is Content Writing: A web content writer is an individual who creates appropriate content for utilization on the internet. This includes posts like articles for websites and blog posts.

In addition, matter is written for ecommerce websites with respect to advertising and marketing for their products. Any company offering a particular product or service needs to attract and engage potential customers towards it. So it features articles about that particular product to build interest and provide information.

Moreover, content writers produce content for social networks and social media posts. This is mainly for promotional purposes and driving quality traffic to the website, as social media is very popular among almost everyone who uses the internet.

Write Content

Another significant objective of writing content for a website is to effectively increase its visibility on search engines. It is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Well written content with strategically placed popular and relevant keywords will help engines like Google index the website and feature it with better ranking in the results.

Corporate communications and corporate blogs are composed by content writers. A branch of content writing which involves writing specifically about technology is called technical writing. Content writing is considered to be a part of journalism as well.

Who Should Write Content:  This career option is perfect for those who know how to express their thoughts in words efficiently; especially for those who are looking to establish their writing talent in a professional setup. You need good language skills, grammar and vocabulary. If you think you can create good content on any given random topic, then you are well suited for this job. You may receive topics you have no prior knowledge about, or things you haven’t even heard of! For these subjects, you need to have good research skills as you will have to read and understand first before you provide information to others. However, if you have specific technical expertise along with good writing skills, you can very well work as a technical content writer.

You also need to have a flair for editing and presenting content in an appealing and concise way. Editing is a very important part of writing as it makes the matter more suitable for readers.

Preferably, a degree in literature, journalism or communication will point you in the right direction for writing web content. Creative writing is another possible course of study. If you have specific knowledge or a degree in a certain field, you should try for the post of subject matter expert in that particular field.

Content Stratagy

Scope of Content Writing: Currently, content writers are highly in demand. It is slowly becoming a popular career alternative and the writing industry is booming. If you are considering a career in web content then you are on the right path. Here are some areas where there is good scope for writers:

1) SEO: SEO requires writers for creating quality content. This includes blogging and writing articles related to the concept of the website. You have to research and place good keywords in the content for search engines like Google to index.

2) There are plenty of opportunities in ecommerce and digital marketing. Here you will have to write promotional content about the products to be sold. Search Engine Marketing is another field which you can consider.

3) Advertising and Sales of products involve some writing mainly sales letters, broadcasts and press releases. Thus you can work in ad campaigns too.

4) Companies are looking for news writers and creative writers in journalism.

5) You can work in editing and copy writing for prestigious establishments. Editing is proofreading and improving existing content to make it more concise and presentable.

6) Content writers are hired to be part of social media optimization teams to facilitate online presence of the company on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

7) Another great option is working as a freelance writer for any business. This way you save your time and energy and create valuable content from the comforts of your home.

Now that you can see how and where content writing is used you may have realized its applications lie in many varied fields and places of interest. This career gives you immense creative satisfaction and is very rewarding. You need to be motivated, have faith in your writing and be able to grasp new ideas quickly. If you possess these abilities then you are a very good candidate for writing. So build your resume and put forth your applications today!

Why Content Writing Is The Best Career Option For You!
4 votes, 3.75 avg. rating (75% score)

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