#TravelTuesday: Five Ultimate Road Trips Around the World
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November 18, 2014
Road Trip
#TravelTuesday: Five Ultimate Road Trips Around the World
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No matter where you travel or what you explore, enjoying long road trips is everyone’s best journey. Whether its summer or winter season, road trip can never wait and it is best when left unplanned. We all have always waited for that ultimate road trip with your college buddies that will definitely change everything.

Pack your sun gears and fasten up your seat belt, we are taking you to some amazing road journeys that you’ll love to explore. And, if you’re not planning any trips as of now, you can still dream of adventures. From Australia to North America, castles to glacier lagoons, check out five wildest road journeys of all time.

Ring Road, Iceland

Unlike in America and other countries where the big highways have multiple lanes, the ring road offer amazing picturesque land road with impressive beauties all around. The ring road or Route 1 is a national road in Iceland that goes around the island forming smaller routes and roads. The roads lead you to towns, fjords, the highlands, peninsulas and other attractions that you have missed since the Game of Thrones days. Just driving on the ring road, avoiding smaller routes, gives you fantastic landscape.

Main attraction: Iceland is surrounded with green farmlands with rivers and mountains. Some of the main attraction that you will encounter in your road journey-

  • Seljalandsfoss & Skagafoss-A beautiful waterfall in the South-West Iceland 100 meters away from the ring road, but this waterfall will take your breath away. If you move ahead, there is Skagafoss waterfall known for 1 day hike trip.
  • Vik- A little town towards Reynisdrangar is one of the beautiful beaches in Iceland.
  • Skaftafall- a green field by the roots of Vatnajokull national park is famous for its vegetation neighboring glacier.
  • Myvatn- An eye-catching lake to the north of Iceland is surrounded with rich vegetation and amazing birdlife surroundings.


Icefields Parkway, Canada

The highway 93 or the Icefields Parkway is a scenic road in Alberta, Canada. Navigating through Canadian Rockies, it parallels the Continental Drive, travelling through Jasper National Park and Banff National Park. By the side of Jasper to the north, it links Lake Louise. Highway 1 east goes to Lake Louise and Banff Town and Highway 1 west goes to Yoho National Park.

Main attraction: Enjoy the sheer beauty, go for hike, explore wildlife and experience cinematic lakes surrounding Icefields Parkway.

  • Herbert Lake and Hector Lake-Formed by glacier, Herbert Lake is famous for Waputik range and Mount Temple at its backdrop. Hector Lake is known for its beautiful turquoise green lake, the largest lake in Banff National Park.
  • Crowfoot Glacier- Crowfoot glacier was shaped like 3 toes of crow, clutching to the side of the mountain. The name was given in 1900s. However, due to severe climate change, the toes have melted.
  • Weeping Wall- Stop this site to see series of small streams of water, crashing 300 ft down the Cirrus Mountain. The weeping wall on the lower side is a famous ice climbing location in winter.
  • Sunwapta Canyon & Falls- Catch the panoramic view of the Canyon with the accretion of glacier debris formed by Dome glacier.

Route 66, USA

Route 66 is one of the most famous roads in America that reveals authentic picture of American living. The road is filled with the blend of past and the present, messy and the cherished, the plains and the peaks, the junctions and crossroads, the art culture and the pop culture and the places that uncover the wonderful section of American life. Route 66 was built in 1926, running from Chicago through the plains of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri and connects the lands of Texas, Arizona desert land, New Mexico peaks end to the golden plains of California, stretching to 2,448 miles.

Main attraction: Known as ‘The Mother Road’, it has abundant attractions from picturesque plains to pop culture themes.

  • Chains of Rock Bridge, St Louis- the Chain of Rock Bridge on the Mississippi River, it takes 30-degree to its midsection. The bridge was built in 1929, but after connecting Illinois to Missouri, the bridge was closed in 1968. However after threat of destruction, the bridge is now open for pedestrians and bike traffic.
  • Will Rogers Memorial Museum, Oklahoma- “I never met a man I didn’t like” –Will Rogers. Rogers was a famous newspaper columnist, political pundit, Broadway performer, movie star, radio guru and philosopher- this museum was constructed in his honor. Take a break and explore art and artifacts that will tell you the life of America’s beloved personalities.
  • Cadillac Ranch, Texas- it’s a public art sculpture created in 1974. You see 10 automobiles buried nose-down famous for its unique sculpture. Stop here to take a glance at a piece of the cars as a memento or write something on them with a spray paint.
  • Santa Monica Pier, California- Along the side of the Pacific Ocean, you read a sign that states the “End of the Trail,” a full stop to Route 66. Here you enjoy arcade games, rides like Ferris wheel or just gaze the beauty of nature.

The Garden Route, South Africa

This is your ultimate road trip of your lifetime. This is the “it” destination for adventurous crowd, jam-packed with high-energy activities including cage diving with sharks, bungee jumping, casinos, caving, monkey world and an ostrich ride to list few. The Garden Route is a coastal getaway on the west of South Africa where beaches, wetlands, forests, rivers, lakes, mountain scenery merge together to form breathtaking beauty. The route is squeezed in between the mountains and the Indian Ocean.

Main attraction: Rich in vegetation and wildlife, The Garden Route offers abundant nature’s attractions.

  • Garden Route National Park- the park covers a unique flow of lakes, wetlands, rivers and estuaries for wildlife species. There are various trails in the park taking the beach, the lakes and the forest.
  • Boggomsbaai- the little town offers scenic splendor view of the Garden Route. It’s a place where you can enjoy whales as they travel along the coast of South Africa. Spot them doing spyhopping, breaching and lob tailing during their migration.
  • Sedgefield- named as South Africa’s ‘slow city’ is one of the calmer city in the world. There are craft markets, farms, adventure and local heritage. Enjoy the ethos of pleasure and calm environment away from the urban lifestyle.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

One of the most scenic roads in Australia, Great Ocean Road covers south-west Victoria with famous 12 Apostles. The drive starts from Torquay in Melbourne stretches over 250 km to Warrnambool will take you through National Parks, surf towns, hippy communities and limestone formations and the famous London Bridge. The stretch of Victoria’s coast is known for its long isolated beaches and booming surf. Discover the rich maritime past at Warrnambool, Portland and Port Fairy. Enjoy coastal village life with their fishing jetty, colonial buildings and marine museums to its side unfolding the stories of ship.

Main attractions: Apart from 12 Apostles, the road is famous for its coastal life, food and calm beaches.

  • Anglesea- From the coastal cliffs and extensive white beaches, this quiet town alongside Anglesea is a celebration of life alongside the water. You can play on the sunny beaches, surf in the ocean or spot kangaroos in the nature bush, all at this place.
  • Port Campbell National Park- this is the world-famous park known for its wave-sculpted rocks and the Apostles. It includes attractive list of sightseeing including London Bridge, Gibsons Steps, the Twelve Apostles, and the Loch Ard Gorge. The coastline is full of rocky cliffs with white sandy beaches at the bays.
  • Great Ocean Walk- The Great Ocean Walk is a long walk in Victoria weaving through Port Campbell National Park and Great Otway. Each step unfolds different nature beauty. Start from the Apollo Bay and discover the 12 Apostles near Princeton on the west side. Explore the collection of windswept cliffs, breathtaking walks, rivers, wild beaches, and rugged wetlands.
  • Bay of Islands- Located between Warrnambool and Peterborough is a 32 km coastal reserve. The coastline has outstanding geographical features and ocean views. Rock stacks and sheer cliffs dominate the bays with colorful spring windflowers covering the coastal area.

If you haven’t explored these places still, it’s time to pack your bags and explore roads like never before. Share your #traveltuesday story on iblog’s official social handle. And if we missed any of your favorite road trips, let us know in the comments below.

#TravelTuesday: Five Ultimate Road Trips Around the World
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