Top Five Productivity Apps That Will Surely Lead You to Success
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December 10, 2014
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Top Five Productivity Apps That Will Surely Lead You to Success
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Pile of files, boss quarrel, meetings lined up and mails to reply keeps you busy all day long. But getting engrossed and working harder isn’t a smarter way. Your smart phone keeps on distracting you which do no good than harm. You need to be more productive, which isn’t grinding or gritting all through the day, it’s about using the right productive tools to get your things done. Technology is a double-edged sword where its perfect timer-saver but sometime it steals your precious office work time. Whether managing task, creating daily to-do task or storing files, productivity apps can boost efficiency and get your work done faster. Here is the list of five productivity apps that streamline your work life.

Evernote: Evernote, a simple way of organizing your work, task or random thoughts, while on the go. It was launched in 2008 before Google Docs came into picture and cloud was just restricted to fluffy balls in sky. It helps you “remember everything” and you work smarter. Evernote is actually a note-taking app with cluster of integration into the thin sheet of internet. If you need a simple place to track thoughts or store notes, Evernote is must for you. It organizes notes in ‘Notebooks’ and you enjoy the freedom to create as many notebooks you want. Fill them up with images, links or texts or clip sections of webpage or share it with colleagues or friends. And, it’s a cloud-based service; the word you type is viewable across all devices. Here Is the Link




Dropbox: Remember when you have to carry USB pen drives for presentations and backing up data on bulky external hard drives? But that’s all matter of past and but now you can live hassle-free without worrying about storing or backing with DropBox. This cloud storage service creates a virtual folder and saves your file online with DropBox account for free. No matter  where you travel or access to which device, you can view your folder, files and documents wherever you want, provided you’re using internet. You need to create an account through which you shuffle files, properly synchronized. You can even upload, move, and delete files directly through the app. Here is the Link


Mailbox: Are you overloaded with mails that make you worry? This app is definitely for you! Mailbox helps you attain “Inbox Zero” by tagging your email and organizing for attention at later time. If you want to reply for email before evening, swipe right, select the label and email will be vanished. If you want to ignore mail until weekend then you can have label for it too. Spam is your concern? Swipe left and mails will be deleted completely. It’s an interesting way to deal with old mail issue. The mail works only with Gmail and sooner you’ll see and Ymail configured soon. You can even scan a conversation or set emails to snooze, to show up in inbox later, only when you want to address them. Here is the Link


Clear+: If you think for any to-do apps for iPhone and iPad then Clear+ is the smart app. Favorite of productivity geeks, to-do app that topped the charts of app market. The key feature which makes it exceptionally good is gesture-friendly, stunning User Interface-UI. You enjoy the freedom to edit, create, delete or move task with single tap of finger. Tasks are also colored as per the priority for e.g. important tasks are red whereas lesser tasks are highlighted as orange. Create multiple lists in sync with iCloud account in fewer amounts. Apart from Clear+, Clear is a cheaper version that does not let you make multiple task lists. It costs only $0.99.Here is the Link

Clear plus

Pocket: A perfect bookmarking app for all busy managers out there. You need Pocket, way better than bookmarking app, it saves articles, cloud-based depository and segregate them in stylistic elements. What is the end result? You get easy access to article you wish to read without ads, striking colors and futile navigation menus. Pocket is your personal assistant who clips out important stories, newspaper articles for you. But if that’s not enough, it integrates with apps like Reeder, Pulse, TweetBot and Flipboard, which make saving process much easier. For all heavy readers and bookmarkers, don’t miss out this app.Here is the Link

pocket App

Top Five Productivity Apps That Will Surely Lead You to Success
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)
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