#ThrowbackThursday: 9 Old-School Technologies That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic
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December 4, 2014
Throwback Thursday
#ThrowbackThursday: 9 Old-School Technologies That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic
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During the technology advancement we have experienced invention revolution that changed the way we live today. Thousands of IT products have transformed consumer and business worlds. The best innovations of digital vs. analog, manual work vs. automatic has revolutionized the way we look toward “present” and virtual worlds.

The technology from the present world is the advanced version of the remarkable inventions we used in the past. Be it Floppy Disk converted into your portable pen drives or cloud storage or laptops took over old-school computers, we have always been surrounded with innovative inventions past 45 years.

Every technology we used in our childhood days are close to us and every time we see at these inventions, we feel nostalgic. So all 80s and 90s kid, for your #throwbackthursday, we have listed nine old-school technologies that will rekindle your childhood memories.

Cassettes Tape

1. Cassettes Tape
Mix tapes, tape-flipping, recording, rewinding and fast-forwarding were all part of the golden cassette era. Known as tape for all music lovers, took over our life in early 70s and stayed till 90s. It was in our cars, traded between friends, this portable mini product was originally developed for transcription uses undoubtedly was an iconic part of the music industry for several decades.


2. Walkman
Before you can think of iPod, it was Walkman that ruled the portable music player system. It was invented for Akio Morita, co-chairman of Sony, who wanted to listen to his favorite operas during plane trips. It spawned the habit of listening to music anytime, anywhere you want. After covering cassettes industry, Sony moved toward CD players and launched “Discman” in 1990s.

Floppy Disk

3. Floppy Disk
Invented in 1971, Floppy Disk became famous among all computer geeks. Saving photos, videos, important documents and music became so easy. Floppy disk drives are still available but in limited uses, it is now being replaced by portable external hard disk drives, USB flash drives, memory card, and cloud networks.


4. Pager
Most 90s kids might remember their dad struggling with this famous technology. Yes, the wireless telecommunication that displays text messages or announces through voice messages. One practical pager service started in 50s, but it expanded more in 90s due to its mass market use. Today, it is used in hospital, retail, and public safety.

Video Games

5. Video Games
For today’s kid Xbox or Playstation might be their ultimate gaming consoles, but 90s kid still cherish the first memory of playing with their Nintendo video games. Video games were known for its innovation, better controls, competition between you and your best friends. We owe some of the best gaming techniques to video games of that time.


6. Typewriters
The old-school of typing everything with a sound like dinosaur to easily disturb anyone was popular way back in 1860s. It dominated the marked in 1980s but it was soon replaced by computers. However, typewriter has been in the tech industry for more than 100 years. Before desktop took over the office, typewriter was the only thing used to do all typing work.


7. VCR
Videocassette recorder became popular in 80s to view your prerecorded videos through VCR tape. Since, its price dropped down rapidly in the 90s, VCR became much more affordable household items. It revolutionized film industry and brought movies to home. However, its popularity declined in late 90s with DVDs surpassed it.

Analog Telephones

8. Analog Telephones
Much before smartphones changed the way we work or communicate today, it was analog telephone for 80s and 90s people to communicate. The invention patent is awarded to Alexander Graham Bell in 1876; telephones took over film, movies and the most memorable for crime movies.

Calculator Watch

9. Calculator Watch
Did you remember our famous geek icon Marty McFly wearing the next-gen symbol in Back To The Future? It was a calculator watch where you can use your watch for calculation on the go. A calculator watch was definitely a sign of someone who love geeky stuff. Launched in 1975, it ruled the market till 90s and early 2000s before mobile phone took over it.

Here are few techs that we miss from our childhood memories. Future technology has definitely advanced our way of life.

If you have any fond memories of your favorite tech product, share with us on iBlog Throwback Thursday. Or you can share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

#ThrowbackThursday: 9 Old-School Technologies That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic
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