#Throwback Thursday: Six Classic Hollywood Movies You MUST Watch!
August 7, 2014
#Throwback Thursday: Six Classic Hollywood Movies You MUST Watch!
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Its #Throwback Thursday and we bought you a better way to celebrate by watching some classic, old-school Hollywood movies. We have already listed out 10 Hollywood Flicks That You Must-Watch in 2014, today we’ll be talking about classic movies from the golden year, aren’t you feeling nostalgic? From Brad Pitt’s Fight Club to Alfred Hitchcock’s not-so-famous-movie Psycho, Hollywood’s “Golden Era” serves some of the best, cult, and famous movies of all time. Here are your six classic Hollywood flicks you must see before you die. And, I hope, your Throwback Thursday is sorted now!


This is CLASSIC! Directed by Michael Curtiz, this American romantic-drama film set record in 1942. It is one of those old-school flicks everyone have seen or heard about. Starring all A-List actors, Casablanca was based on the theme of “Love and Virtue.” Impeccable performance from Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid, and ‘The Invisible Man’ actor -Claude Rains.

It’s a story of two protagonists falling in love who sacrifice everything for higher favors. Set in Africa during the years of World War II- an American expat meets a former lover, a twisted love story with unforeseen complications. Casablanca won three Academy Awards for Best Director, Best Writing & Screenplay, and Outstanding Motion Picture.


“The Greatest Film Ever Made,” Citizen Kane is Orson Welles’s most controversial work ever. This drama has ranked the top of classic film lists for years with unrivaled story and cast. The story revolves around the mystery of dying publisher tycoon Charles Foster Kane’s and the secrecy of “Rosebud.”

Citizen kane Movie

It is generally acknowledged that the storyline was based on the real-life of publishing mogul William Randolph Hearst. The magic Welles created in 1941 is quite tough one to beat.


This one is the epic historical romance ever created and adapted from Margaret Mitchell’s award-winning novel with the same title. Hollywood doesn’t do across-the-board romantic epics like they used to be in 1939.

Starring Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard, and Olivia de Havilland, the film tells the story of Scarlett O’Hara and her romantic search of Ashley Wilkes. Set in the background of American Civil War, the movie is still killing the Hollywood world.

PSYCHO (1960)

The not-so-famous movie of famous director Alfred Hitchcock is surely one to watch for. Everything from the plot to master mystery, you’ll watch every scene without blinking your eyes. Nobody can act as better as Anthony Perkins. His innocence in the entire movie grabbed all attention. Hitchcock’s terrific direction made Psycho one of the highest earning and critically-acclaimed movie of that time.

psycho Movie

This 1960 movie was made on cheap budget as compared to Alfred’s earlier flick, but no movie had such a greater impact. The story talks about a psycho killer and mystery surrounding him.


Another great American film directed by Robert Mulligan adapted from a Harper Lee’s novel. The lead role played by Gregory Peck, a small-town lawyer battling injustice, racism, poverty, and ignorance. A movie that inspires you in life show us who we want to be, even though we fail.

To kill a mockingbird

The film earned overwhelmingly positive response both from the critics and the box office earning was 10 times more of its budget. The 1962’s hit won three Academy Awards for Best Direction, Adapted Screenplay, and Best Actor for Gregory Peck.


The 1994 crime masterpiece takes you to the roller-coaster ride revealing violence, drugs and profanity. The speed at which movie revolves will make your head spin. Some films are original but few are ground-breaking original and Director Tarantino wins in the second category.

Pulp Fiction Movies

The black comedy crime movie was famous for its eclectic dialogue, mix of violence and humor, cinematic illusions, nonlinear storyline, and pop culture backdrop. The movie won Best Original Screenplay award and John Travolta received Academy Award nomination.

Apart from the above, there are other flicks you must-watch once in your lifetime. And, I assume, you haven’t seen them. Here’s the list-



The quirky comedy from Charlie Chaplin and funny storyline, don’t miss this fun ride straight from 1925.



It stars Robert De Niro, enough said! Revolving around the life of gangster, it’s one of the benchmark movies in the 90s.



The endearing view on human relationship, this movie will help you know the importance of forming healthy relationship.



Another comedy-mystery film you can’t give a miss. The ensemble cast and perfect dog, of course, and funny background is hard to find today.



If you’re feeling little low, check out Singin’ in the Rain, one of the most famous musical journeys filled with songs, lavish routines and song-and-dance number.

As soon as you read this article, I believe, you are off to Netflix to catch classic movie this weekend.  Do you think this movie should be remade or let classic, be classic? What’s your take on the entire remake or non-remake issue? Tell us in the comment or spark a discussion on our official Facebook and Twitter page. Share your Wisdom! Happy #throwbackthursday!

#Throwback Thursday: Six Classic Hollywood Movies You MUST Watch!
2 votes, 2.00 avg. rating (40% score)


  1. All of these are great movies! Definitely worth a watch. My favorite one is “To Kill A Mockingbird”, I would recommend that everyone should watch it at least once!

  2. These movies are all fine but how is that The Godfather, Forrest Gump and Schindler’s List didn’t make it to this list? A few of these are actually over-hyped like Shawshank Redemption.. but overall you wrote this well.

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