Thinking About Travelling With Your Beloved Pet? Read This First!
January 14, 2015
Travel With Pets
Thinking About Travelling With Your Beloved Pet? Read This First!
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Ardent travelers are always on the lookout for new destinations and unseen adventures. Yet, if the same traveling enthusiasts are also proud owners of a pet or two, then planning a trip may be seem challenging. Be it by car, airplane, train or ship, traveling with animals is not the same as traveling with other humans. Hence you need careful planning to keep your furry friends safe from injury or trauma.

If you follow a few basic guidelines, it shouldn’t be that tough to have a happy and fun filled vacation with your pet. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Check withthe Vet:

It is very important to get your pet checked with the veterinarian before going on a long trip. The Vet will inform you whether it is safe for your pet to travel. Pets may experience stress during lengthy travel and can fall sick unexpectedly. A visit to the vet will rule out the possibility of any such unfortunate events later.

Get a health certificate from the vet, to present to airlines or any other authorities. It is also very important to get your pet vaccinated as many countries require proof of vaccination before entrance.If you don’t get them vaccinated beforehand, you may have to get the necessary shots at the destination country and your pet will be quarantined for the required time.

Acquire all prescribed medications by the vet and carry them with you; they may not be available in the country you are traveling to.

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Rules and Regulations:

There are different laws about pet transport in different countries. Most airlines consider only dogs and cats as pets; other animals like bird or reptiles are considered as wildlife, for whom there are more strict transport policies. Such animals may be considered as special imports and your pet may land up in quarantine.

After you select your destination country, do some in depth research about their policies regarding travelling with pets, for instance, it is illegal to keep your pet unattended in a car in many places. Make sure that you check the rules and regulations pertaining to the specific location that you are traveling to, so that the pet doesn’t get rejected at border control.

Get in touch with the relevant authorities before the trip, to know about any restrictions. Contact the airlines before booking your ticket to inform them that you will be bringing your pet and to ask them what you will need to do for transporting them.

Pet Carriers:

You need to carry large pet carriers that will hold your pets and allow them to turn around as well as lie down comfortably. At the same time, these carriers must be secure enough to avoid escape or cause harm to the animal inside. Make sure it is well ventilated.

There are special carriers available for different types of animals. You must make sure the carrier you use is appropriate for the pet you are transporting. Keep a chew toy or any plaything of your pet’s choice in the carrier to keep him or her calm and relaxed during the journey. However, refrain from using hay or straw as natural bedding in the crate as this is not permitted in many countries.

Enjoy Vaction with petsPet Food:

Your holiday destination may not stock the food that your pet needs or is used to. This is especially true for exotic or unusual pets. In that case you need to make arrangements for the food so that your pet is not distressed due to lack of proper food.

If the quantity of food is not significantly sizeable, you can carry it with the rest of your baggage. However if the quantity is too large to handle, it is not advisable to carry all the food your pet will require for the trip. Extra weight will cost you and be an unnecessary addition to carry around.Instead, you can just mail the food to your destination.

You could also note down the dietary requirements or ingredients in the food that your pet consumes. Then look out for food containing similar ingredients, or meeting your pet’s requirements, at the destination country.

Trial Trip:

A sudden change in the environment can be stressful for any animal. Pets may not be able to blend in with the new place and some pets cannot survive in extreme weather. To help your pets adjust to such conditions try to introduce them to a similar environment, if possible, before embarking on your journey.

Certain pets may not be comfortable travelling for too long. Take your pets on short trips first to see how well they can handle it. If they are not suited for small trips, it is obvious that they will not be able to enjoy the longer ones either.


There are specific vacations meant for pets. There are also many cities which are considered to be pet friendly. A quick huntthrough a search engine like Go Pet Friendly will give you possible pet travel accommodation like pet friendly hotels, campgrounds, beaches and parks. These places have special features meant especially for the wellbeing and comfort of pets.

Also look out for restaurants that are pet friendly so that you can have all meals with your beloved friends,instead of leaving them outside in the cold or sun. Check for the extent of how pet friendly these institutions are; for example, certain hotels may have weight limits for pets or breed restrictions.

Pet owners know pets are family. So the next time you are planning out your vacation make sure you organize and prepare well, keeping all the family members in mind. When your pet is safe and free from harm, your trip will be more enjoyable and memorable.

Thinking About Travelling With Your Beloved Pet? Read This First!
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (100% score)

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