The 9 Best Android AppsEvery Traveler Must Have
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January 16, 2015
The 9 Best Android AppsEvery Traveler Must Have
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Travelling is easy when you have an android Smartphone. With the help of modern technology you don’t have to struggle with paper maps, hunting for places to eat or wondering what people mean when they are speaking a different language. With just a handful of amazing apps in your Android device, you can travel the world freely without worrying about these little snags that you may face.

There is a multitude of different apps on the play store that promise to make your travel experience smoother. Then how do you decide which ones are worth it? Don’t fret, we have done the hard work for you and selected some of the best apps for your next vacation or business trip. Here is our list of top ten android apps that every traveler must have:


Kayak – Flights, Hotels and Cars

Searching for flights or hotels? Looking for car rentals? Want to book any of these or manage your travel itinerary? Then Kayak is the app for you.

See all available flights with updated rates and book them easily. Similarly, you can also view all hotels that are available with location and prices, and book rooms. Ratings and reviews in the app make your choice easier by comparison. It contains a large selection of rental cars with the rates.

Users receive price alerts to stay updated with the latest rates which make it even better for comparing prices. You can plan and organize your trip with this app effortlessly.

Download Kayak from the Google Play Store.



They say that the weather is unpredictable; you never know for sure. Yet, you don’t want your holiday plans to be ruined either by unexpected showers or too much sun.

With WeatherPro you will be able to estimate the weather up to a week ahead with 3 hourly forecasts. This includes temperature, wind direction and speed, air pressure, precipitation amount and probability, and relative humidity. The app is very user-friendly and forecasts are presented in an easy-to-read graphical format.

There are some additional features like alerts and warning levels for extreme weather conditions, especially beneficial for travelers. The app also displays weather reports for more than 2 million locations over the world.

Download WeatherPro from the Google Play Store.

XE Currency– Currency Converter

XE Currency– Currency Converter

While travelling, it may be a little bothersome trying to figure out the value of your currency and convert it into a foreign one. This is especially true if you head out to unfamiliar places very often and need to be updated with the latest currency rates.

For live currency rates and charts, XE currency is one of the best apps on the market. It features every currency in the world along with precious metals. You can calculate prices with the currency converter and check up to 10 currencies at a time.

It works even without internet as it stores the last updated rates in the app. You can also personalize settings like frequency of rate updates and display currency symbols.

Download XE Currency from the Google Play Store.

Mesh It Up App

Mesh It Up – File Transfer

Be it adventure travel or remote holidays, you may often find yourself in places without WiFi hotspots available, and data roaming plans can cost you an arm and a leg. You may also find yourself without cellular network available on your device.

In such cases, if you want to share files between devices, Mesh It Up is the perfect app for you. This is a file transfer app that does not require internet connectivity or even mobile network. You can share unlimited number of files between different devices at the same time through group sharing. Files can be sent from your Android device to other Android / iOS devices; sharing files with tablets or a Wi-Fi enabled computer is also possible.

The file sharing speed is much faster than Bluetooth and your files will be sent across in a very secure manner. If you register with the app, you can view file transfer history, which makes it easier to resend the same files to others again.

Download Mesh It Up from the Google Play Store.

world clock

Perfect World Clock – Time

It is not always possible to keep track of various time zones for those who travel frequently to several cities or countries around the globe. Be it for work purposes or to contact people when traveling, it can get confusing about the time in different places.

In this case Perfect World Clock will be of great help. It displays the time for your current location as well as any location in the world. It captures data from over 20,000 cities in different time zones to keep you updated.

It has several widgets showing multiple time zones. It is extremely user friendly with digital and analog clock types.

Download Perfect World Clock from the Google Play Store.


Foodspotting – Food and Restaurants

You may have many restaurant apps that show you nearby restaurants with ratings and reviews. But do you have a food app that guides you to particular dishes?

Rather than just heading down to the restaurant down the road, you can discover dishes that are available near you. You can easily hunt for any particular dish that you want to eat.

Determine what’s good at any restaurant and keep track of dishes, upvoting dishes that you love. There is an option to bookmark dishes which you wish to taste and also see what friends love through the social feature of the app.

Download Foodspotting from the Google Play Store.

Google Translate

GoogleTranslate – Language and Translation

Language is one of the biggest hurdles for many travelers going to new places. Being clueless about the native languageleads to a gap in communication with locals and this may lead to you missing out on a lot on your trip.

Google translate is an app that will help you in such situations. Any list for travel apps will be incomplete without this handy translator tool. It offers translation for 80 languages and even works offline without internet, making it even more beneficial for travelers. You can translate by input of text, through voice, or through pictures too.

This app gives you the option to save the translations which you can later access from any device. This is an ideal app for breaking language barriers across the world.

Download Google Translate from the Google Play Store.


TripIt – Travel Organiser

Some people are can perfectly prepare and arrange everything they need for a trip with ease. However for many others, it can be nothing less than chaos. Travel plans can often be confusing to maintain and organize.

It need not be that difficult though, especially with an app like TripIt. All the travel details and plans are stored in one place. When you send your travel confirmation emails like hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant confirmations, TripItcreates a detailed itinerary for you automatically. This can be accessed whenever you want from any device registered with the app; offline too.

The app gives you directions and maps along with weather for your selected destination. You can sync the plans from the app with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook and share them through email or social media.

Download TripIt from the Google Play Store.

FlightAware Flight Tracker

FlightAware Flight Tracker – Flight Tracking

FlightAware was the first free flight tracking service for private as well as commercial flights. Today it is one of the most popular flight trackers and the android app is a must have for every traveler.

It offers flight tracking and status in real time. You can also view the flight details and full screen live map of the flight being tracked. The app gives real-time push notification like flight alerts, airport delay information, and nearby flights (in the sky overhead), among other features.

This includes commercial planes along with private and charter ones. There are many options for tracking your flight by, such as aircraft registration, route, airline, flight number, city pair, or airport code.

Download FlightAware Flight Tracker from the Google Play Store.

These apps make the perfect travel planners for anyone out on a long or short trip. Travel is much more simple and easy to deal with when you have these apps to aid you along the way. So download them today!

The 9 Best Android AppsEvery Traveler Must Have
6 votes, 3.00 avg. rating (60% score)

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