Ten Ways to Look Stylish and Stay Warm This Winter Season
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December 3, 2014
winter Season
Ten Ways to Look Stylish and Stay Warm This Winter Season
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It’s that time of the year again! The perfect time to bring out your furry coats, sturdy boots and warm woolens to keep up with harshly cool temperatures. Winter fashion beckons you to upgrade your wardrobe with latest trends. Are you wondering if you would look unfashionable and boring in the effort to keep snug? Take it from us, it is possible to face the winters upfront and look stylish at the same time! With the holidays drawing closer, shop for the most trendsetting winter clothes to make heads turn.

Winter fashion is not difficult; it is all about bringing out layers with classic shades in clothing, and a little more. This year, winter will see a lot of refreshing trends that will bundle you up and make you look chic at the same time. The transition into this season will be seamless and smooth, if you follow our fashion guide carefully.

Here are ten essential items that will rock your winter look:

Textures and Weaves: Men and women, stock up on textured knit! Patchwork, weaves, shearing, all are in this season. Use these for outerwear like coats, cardigans, jackets and scarves. Knit sweaters are your best bet to have for the winters. For women, woven cardigans must be included in the outfit. As for the men, knit jumpers in pastel shades are ideal. You can also look for textured scarves and patterned hoodies to wear over your inner layers of clothing.

Textures and WeavesFaux Fur: A very big winter trend that you cannot ignore is faux fur. Furry jackets are essential, in particular, the ones with fur collars. These need to be in vivid colors like white, yellow, green or turquoise. Another option is to pair a fur vest with skinny jeans for a chic look. Faux fur, both for men and women, should be incorporated into your winter wardrobe without fail.

Faux Fur

Big Outer Layers: Layering is the best course of action for keeping you warm this winter. For the outer layer, you can choose either the puffed jackets (think oversized coats in wool), or the bundled blanket style look (cape coats), or large parkas. This doesn’t mean you purchase a coat that is a few sizes large for you; instead opt for coats that have been designed as oversized. For the men, peacoats in block colors with swell layering will do the trick. Women should go for mid-thigh to knee-sized large coats.

Big Outer Layers

Patterned Scarves: This one is a must have for everyone; both men and women. A great accessory for any winter ensemble, scarves will add the much needed oomph to outfits while keeping your necks warm. Rather than the plain and chunky, choose the printed and patterned options in scarves. While your clothes should be in block colors, a bright or contrasting colored knitted scarf will complete your look with perfection.

Patterned Scarves


High Boots: Over the knee boots are a girl’s best friend this winter season! Say goodbye to the ankle-length boots, because this season, boots will go up even higher. Opt for the knee-high or thigh-high boots in simple colors like black and brown. Pair them with skirts or tuck narrow trousers and denims into them. Remember to wear these with compression socks or socks that are comfortable to keep you warm and at ease.

High Boots

Beanie Hats: Ditch those bucket hats and replace them with cozy beanies. This is the perfect accessory that will make you look stylish while keeping your head warm and dry. This season headwear is not about boring fedoras, but more about colorful beanies that will suit both men and women. Use bright hues to achieve the perfect casual look.

Beanie Hats

Leather Jackets: If you are not into the oversized trends, then don’t fret. Leather jackets, especially black moto jackets, are timeless classics that will never go out of fashion. These go with everything from dresses and miniskirts for the women to jeans and trousers for the men. Motorcycle gear is immensely popular and biker jackets are the things to look out for. All men must have at least one leather jacket; these are heavier than other coats and hence will keep you warmer.

Leather Jackets

A-line Silhouette: This is a classic structure that works well with most body types. This season, the focus is on clean lines like the A-line and the streamlined silhouettes. For women, this can be incorporated into dresses and skirts to be paired with high boots. A-line winter jackets are also very flattering and will help you achieve the clean and polished look.

A-line Silhouette

Black, White and Pastels: The colors that dominate the runways this season are muted pastels along with black and white. Save all your bright colored apparel for the summer and bring out the soft hues like mauve and blue. The ideal colors would be black for the denims teamed with white woolens.

Black, White and Pastels

Winter fashion need not be tough; it is all about being comfortable and stylish at the same time. Now that you have a fair idea of what is in trend, head out and stock your wardrobe with these cozy yet chic winter essentials today!

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Ten Ways to Look Stylish and Stay Warm This Winter Season
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

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  1. Excellent tips and suggestions noted on the outfits to follow for this winter. Thanks for sharing it in this blog.

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