15 Interesting Twitter Accounts Every Finance Enthusiast Must Follow
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December 5, 2014

Twitter is more than just about following celebrities or friends. It is home to many fascinating and interesting people from whom you can gain useful insights while updating your knowledge. From investors and advisors to bloggers and journalists, there are numerous financial experts on Twitter. Among these, a few are worth following to be clued into what’s happening in the finance world as well as pick up a few tips and tricks on the go.

Here are 15 people who are definitely worth checking out and following on Twitter:

John Hempton@John_Hempton : John is an extremely popular finance blogger and a hedge fund manager. He is the chief investment officer and founder of Bronte Capital, which is an asset management company. Follow him for global markets, stock analysis and more.

David Schawel – @DavidSchawel : David is a fixed income portfolio manager and is experienced in investment banking and equity research. He also runs an investment blog economicmusings.com. Follow him for news, financial updates and investments.


Howard Lindzon – @HowardLindzon : Howard is a finance wizard; he manages hedge funds and is a super angel investor, financial analyst and technical analyst. He is also the chairman and co- founder of Stocktwits and GP of Social Leverage. His twitter posts will help you hunt down stock markets trends.

PawelMorski – @Pawelmorski : A Finance veteran, Pawel is a fund manager. On twitter, he shares his expert opinions about currencies, emerging markets and capitalism.


IvantheK – @IvanTheK : Ivan is a former investment banker. A mysterious finance geek, you will find many interesting anecdotes from him with puns and updates on the finance world.

Jeff Rose – @jjeffrose : Jeff Rose is a financial planner, author of ‘Soldier of Finance’, founder of the blog GoodFinancialCents.com and CEO of Alliance Wealth Management advisory firm. His tweets are perfect if you are looking out for personal finance tips and information.

Barnejek – @barnejek : Barnejek is the ideal person to follow for tweets about emerging markets, policies, growth, inflation and more. He is the author of the popular barnejek’s blog.


Megan Greene – @economistmeg : Megan is the chief economist at Maverick Intelligence and writes about Euro Area Debt Crisis on her blog economistmeg.com. Follow her for the latest news and views on financial markets with particular focus on European markets.

Stephen Baines – @spbaines : Stephen is an investment manager for high yield bonds. His tweets are about investments and stock trading, so if you want to stay updated with financial markets, this is the guy to follow.


Nicola Duke – @NicTrades : A technical analyst and prop trader by profession, Nicola is the ultimate source for all your futures and currencies news and analysis. Get updated about futures, forex and more through her posts.

Steve Collins – @TradeDesk_Steve : Over 20000 followers swear by Steve’s financial tweets on trading. He is the head of dealing at London and Capital Asset Management.


Michael McDonough – @M_McDonough : Michael is the Global Head of Economics and the Chief Economist at Bloomberg LP. A noted economist, you will find everything from GDP to prices and economic views in his Twitter posts.

Gustavo Baratta – @gusbaratta : Gustavo is a European of Italian origin is a market-maker of Euro Gov bonds. A self-proclaimed unrepentant optimist, you will be updated on bonds if you follow him on Twitter.


Angela Zhou – @z8angela : Angela is a trader and technical analyst dealing with stocks and options. An optimist about life and trading, her tweets will keep you up to date with the investment world.

Cullen Roche – @cullenroche: Cullen is the founder of Orcam Financial Group and Pragmatic Capitalism. For the best views, opinions, predictions and tips in money and finance, follow Cullen.


How many of these do you know on Twitter? Do you follow any more finance wizards apart from the ones we have listed? Whose posts do you read for the daily dose of finance? Share them with us in the comments!

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