A Must Read Technology Guide For College Students
August 23, 2014

College Students

Attention all you students and parents! Are you starting college or going back to college this year? Going to the local departmental store armed with a checklist? Hang on! Check our tips on important technology you’ll need for college before you head out to shop. (more…)

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6 Top Fashion Trends To Rock This Fall: Back To College Fashion
August 21, 2014

Someone says “college fashion” and an image pops in your mind; probably a girl wearing short skirts, cropped tops, dark jackets, or a boy in slim fit chinos and round neck tees. However with changing seasons, the trends in clothing change too. If you are going to begin a new college year this fall, then you need to stay tuned to the latest fashion styles and crazes while buying new outfits. Are you confused about what to pick and wear? It’s necessary to know what’s in this season and incorporate it into your wardrobe. We have studied the runways, listened to the designers and picked suggestions just for you. Read our verdict for what’s trending this fall season

Bold prints Dresses


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