September Issue: News Around The World That Made Headlines
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October 1, 2014
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September Issue: News Around The World That Made Headlines
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India’s achievement on Mars Mission, protesters in Hong Kong, New York Fashion Week, Hurricane strike in California, Apple’s gala event, iPhone bend controversy and US take on jihad controversy, September ended with victory, horrifying events and political hustle-bustle. And if you missed any happenings across the world, here is your complete news directory of this month.

India’s Successful Mars Mission

After 298 days of transit, India’s MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission) finally reached the Mars orbit in its first attempt. The “Mangalyaan” called as Mars-craft was launched on 5 November 2013 and touched the orbit of the red planet on 24 September 2014 by Indian Space Research Organization. The news made headlines across the world as India became first country in the world to achieve the unbelievable task in just $74 Million. The achievement shook the world with Mangalyaan achievement trending on Internet. Here are few ‘Red Planet’ tweets-


Unexpected Volcano Eruption in Japan

After Saturday, unexpected eruption took place at Mount Ontake, around 30 people were found dead and still counting. In Central Japan, the dead body was buried in deep ash. The rescue operation is still going on and four people were brought down but confirmed dead. Mount Ontake is one of the popular climbing destinations; the eruption is the deadliest one in the past 30 years. Japan has one of the best volcano monitoring systems in the world but the outbreak was completely unexpected.

Ebola Epidemic Continuous

After announcing international health emergency, Ebola is spreading rapidly in African continent. Around 3,700 children in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea have lost their parents due to Ebola this year, as per UNICEF. WHO states more than 3,000 people died of Ebola virus in West Africa. Australia decline to send any of its health workers in Ebola-strike zone meanwhile, US is sending 3,000 troops to serve in Liberia. Around 200 health-care workers had died from the virus, according to WHO stats. It is reported that most of the deaths are due to improper health facilities and lack of beds. Health officials are trying new drugs to fight Ebola in Africa.

Hurricane Odile Thrashed Baja California

On 15th September, Hurricane stroke Baja California peninsula with heavy rains and strong winds. The ferocious hurricane shattered buildings leaving more than 200,000 people without basic amenities and electricity. Entire communities in the region remained stranded for five days badly damaging roads and ports. About 135 people were treated for injuries but no fatal death has been reported so far. Odile is the powerful 3rd category hurricane, which caused near Cabo San Lucas. The trees toppled, road sings and power poles collapsed due to rushing floodwaters. There might be a slight chance of thunderstorms and rains but would not face any severe climate change. Hong Kong Protests For Democracy Thousands of protestors came on streets to protest for freedom. The activists rally outside the Government Complex of Hong Kong to demand for democracy. Demonstrators wore masks, goggles and plastic raincoats-anything that could save them from tear gas. The protest ignited when China’s persistence to inspect candidates for Hong Kong election for 2017 though residents where promised to freely elect their leaders. Hong Kong is an international city and protestor demanded equal rights to choose their own candidates and let their voices to be heard. This is one of the biggest demonstrations in Hong Kong since it got freedom in 1997.

Scotland Indpendence Referendum

The Scottish independence referendum took place on 18 September in Scotland. The independence referendum question whether Scotland be an independent country or not? The ‘No’ supporters won with 55.9% while ‘Yes’ party failed. On 19 September, there was violent outbreak between Yes and No supporters. Hundreds of supporters arrived to celebrate the union and supposedly attacked ‘No’ supporters in George Square. Many union loyalists chanted ‘Rule, Britannia!’ There were Nazi salutes and racist abuse too. About 150 police officers were in charged to calm the situation but unionists broke the police lines leading more outbreak. A number of people were beaten, Scottish flag was burned and bottles were thrown. Pro-independence campaign began in Scotland parliament demanding revote on September 18 referendum. Around 94,000 supporters signed for revote petition. The campaign “Rally For A Revote” was promoted on social media.

Here we sum up September news and if we missed any breaking news, share with us in the comments. Do follow this corner for all updates around the world.

September Issue: News Around The World That Made Headlines
1 vote, 3.00 avg. rating (60% score)

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