Orkut-One Last Time: 9 Embarrassing Things We All Did On Orkut
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September 30, 2014
Orkut-One Last Time: 9 Embarrassing Things We All Did On Orkut
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30th September mark the last day of Orkut-the first ever social media sites launched in 2004. After 10 years of social relationship, Google is finally closing curtains on Orkut, which is taken over by Facebook. We all have been Orkut loyalists; we have memories, scrapbooks and embarrassing profile. The decade-old legacy was all about sharing pictures, making hilarious bio, fake screen names and all about FANS. So before you bid adieu to our long friend-Orkut, take a trip down to memory lane, check your profile, see the memories you have preserved and for one fine time feel the joy of Orkut. And to make you feel nostalgia, here are nine embarrassing things we all did back in Orkut days.

Struggling To Make Cool Bio

orkut 1

In the Orkut days, BIO was the THING and it was your ultimate ticket to being cool. You can never ever shy away to flaunt every inch of your awesomeness. Every time it had to be perfect (even if it was copied from someone else’s profile).

Fake Screen Name To Make You Cooler

orkut 2


Just like twitter, we have screen names and this was the area to actually turn your profile into a dime. It’s time to give a little twist to your name, for e.g. Angie turned into Angel Beauty or Shawn into Shanky. It’s that simple!

Barter Trade Of “FANS”

orkut 3


Before there was hoards of strategy to gain likes to increase followers, FANS was the next level to increase your coolness quotient. Because being FAN is more important than being friend. The more fans you have the cooler you like.

Too Many Fake Accounts

orkut 4


Many people will agree to this, you made couples (if not bundles) of fake accounts just to increase your cool, sexy and trustworthy level.

Testimonials Was A Big Thing

orkut 5


We are cooler and we know it and we are bragging about this. But apart from you talking about yourself, we pleaded our friends for them to write testimonials for us. Coolness level reached to the peak.

Stalking Scrapbooks Of Others

orkut 6


What are your friends up to or what your crush is talking about? We spent hours stalking other profiles, just how we do it on Facebook’s timeline.

Hot Communities

orkut 7


We joined gazillion communities and groups just to know what are friends up to. The more communities you are in, the more social you are.

Constantly Uploading New Pictures

orkut 8


You can only add 8 images in your profile and hence you took the pain of deleting old photos and adding new one to your list.

Increase Your List Of Scraps

orkut 9


Scraps for Orkut are same as tweets for Twitter. You keep tweeting about random stuff just to increase tweet counts, the same philosophy worked on Orkut scraps too.

Orkut-One Last Time: 9 Embarrassing Things We All Did On Orkut
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

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