Four Summer Fashion Tips Must For Every Shopaholic
June 10, 2014
Four Summer Fashion Tips Must For Every Shopaholic
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fashionApart from soaring temperature and havoc at the beach, summer brings undeniable urge to shop more and flaunt more. Maybe because the weather is warmer and weekend trips demand us to show new outfits. Though refreshing your summer closest is a boring activity. Summer relocation to streets, shoppers, vendors can make your experience a little frightening.

However, through exploring streets from many years, I’ve hand-picked few tricks that would prove to be a boon for shopaholic. Start your summer shopping with a bang with our life-saving tips.

Tip #1- Mix and Match

Summers are cool weather to try different textures, patterns and prints. You might have those old tank tops kept in the closet for years. Summer is the time to reinvent your style. Mix and Match is the season’s new trend. Pair your old tank top with pleated flowery skirt and get-set-ready for any beach party. It’s about blending different prints, textures to your old outfits. From quirky prints to denim dash, everything blends perfectly with the sun. White is not the only color for summer, the choices has shifted from pastel colors to raunchy numbers. Mixing can be difficult and tricky but a new way to create variety in simple outfits. However, a little mismatch or wrong combination lands you in trouble. Don’t go color block keep trying new prints and patterns. Balance medium or large with small prints/patterns. However, large prints can make you look wider and very small prints make your appearance look busy. Hence use prints carefully.

Tip #2- Understand your fabrics

We all swear by fashion but there’s a glitch when comes to following it. Most designers wears are made of poly-blends materials that aren’t good for breathing and often give you sweat stains-worst nightmare. Avoid such fabrics because it eats away the fun of the outfit. Go for cotton, supima materials which absorb perspiration and make you feel less hot. Cotton seems too boring, try linen. It’s a summer material—better conductor of heat and stronger than cotton, making it best breathable fabric for summer. Silk can be another good choice for summer as it’s natural and breathable. However the sweat stains look very weird on this fabric.

Tip #3- Shop bikini carefully

Most girls fail in this department and I do too. Bikini is the summer call but you haven’t found one that flatters your body well?  This sunny weather, buy a swimsuit that suits your shape to enhance your best assets. If you’re less bulky in the front, look for underwire top to boost up the area. Go for bold colors and patterns, a good way to create illusion. For concerned areas like hips, tummy and thighs, use pattern and color at the top to avoid attention at the bottom. Play with colors and flaunt the sexy part of you. If you’re afraid of bikini, hot pants and bikini top will create the same magic. Don’t forget the pattern rule.

Tip #4- Don’t follow fashion blindly

You love those cropped tops but flaunting them isn’t your forte? Never to worry, just follow the wise word- “no blind fashion.” See what suits you, your body type, and weather because we all want to look beautiful but not at the price of humiliating yourself. Wear something that compliments your body and make you look flawless. Dress to feel comfortable, not to show off. Fashion magazines do dominate our fashion sense but what suits you and your style depends on you. If you’re few of those girls who follow fashion magazine and love to wear each outfit wore by your favorite celebs then it’s time to change the way you shop. Keep your mind clear, because its summer trips not a cat-walk…wear what you wish to.

Lastly, if it doesn’t suit your body, avoid it. Don’t adopt a trend that emphasize a body flaw, dulls your complexion or rebuff your shape. It is always advice to be fashionable and live fashionable only at your terms. You just have to be confident and be yourself.

Four Summer Fashion Tips Must For Every Shopaholic
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

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