Five Must-Have Car Accessories That Makes You a Smart Driver
March 29, 2014
Five Must-Have Car Accessories That Makes You a Smart Driver
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After investing ample amount of time, money and effort, you have bought your favorite car. However, buying a car is not the end. A car is incomplete without its proper accessories. You think your super stereo or racing seats is enough to make car worthy of driving, well you might be wrong. Apart from add-ons, there are few accessories that are must for driving. Whether you are going for road trip or driving for a business trip, it’s good to carry essential items to ensure your safety. Imagine you lost directions or you get flat tire or your cell phone can’t catch network, and there’s no help on the way. What do you do? Well, you do not have to panic for the same; just few accessories in your car can save you from any crisis. Make sure you have the following five accessories next time you go for driving.

car GPS

GPS: Maps are useful but we are often confused with directions. However, real-time instructions can save lot of time wandering roads or stuck on highway. You need GPS- Global Positioning Systems, a synchronized navigation system with updated maps to gauge location. GPS uses satellites to identify car’s location and maps to find and determine directions. With GPS, it’s virtually impossible to lose directions—if you take a wrong turn, it figures out the right way and quickly updates the route. New updated GPS offers other features such as menus for close by restaurants, info about gas price, and speed limits on different route. This is one such precious accessory that makes you a smart driver.

car security system

Security System: A new car is like a diamond for thief. It is important to installed security system in your car. Car security systems are essential, if loaded with tempting technology. There are auto alarms that incorporate gadgets such as Bluetooth to identify drivers through cell phone. Heartbeat sensor is another such tech which alert driver of an unwanted presence inside the car. If your car is lost or stolen, don’t panic you can install tracking system to track your car. You can install CarShield, which monitors car’s heat level and battery and find other problems such as tampering and oil pressure. The included GPS provide vehicle tracking that can be configured with your smartphone for alerts and updates over SMS or emails. Commando FM-870 is another car alarm, which is a sounded keychain pager to unlock car doors without using the key and it also trigger on any unauthorized car access.

Car toolbox

Tool Box: It’s good to be prepared for any emergency especially when you travel long distance. You can’t predict car break down or flat tires. You never know about the emergency help. You should always carry emergency tool kit in your car. First aid kit and emergency kit can save you from distress. Items to include in the box are water bag, non-perishable food, jumper cables, siphon pump, first-aid kit, a flashlight, jumper cables, stretch cords, multi-tool, tire inflator, PVC tape, flares, plastic gloves, siphon pump, and a blanket.

car Floor Mat and Seat Covers

Floor Mat and Seat Covers: Car floors easily get degraded and in addition it becomes dirty and shabby. Replacing car floors can be heavy on pocket. Buying floor mat can be a great investment. Floor mat makes the car look cleaner and it’s more comfortable. If you’re using manual cars, you just need to monitor mats to make sure there are no holes. Who do not want their car to look new every day? Seat covers, floor mats and clean windows can do wonders. Seat covers are comfortable, provide protection and enhance the beauty of interiors. Fabric seat covers do not heat up easily and can be dry cleaned for use. Rexin covers are not a good choice whereas leather covers feel and look good. They are durable and better as compared to nylon and rexin seats.

car smartphone connectivity

SmartPhone Connectivity: Talking and driving at the same time isn’t a cool idea. However, you can buy a Bluetooth to answer urgent phone calls while driving. If your state restricts on using mobile phone while driving, Bluetooth is must for you. Bluetooth distract less and your eyes are on the road and hands on wheels. Most cars have smartphone connectivity where in you can listen to music or answer phone calls, all controlled from smartphone. They are not expensive and give you great flexibility. You might sometime lose directions wherein your smartphone stop working. No network at all, you need satellite phone. When network falls off in emergency, one of the most important tech tools is a satellite phone, which evades entire local system. Sat phones depend on satellite network that keeps you connected always.

Cars certainly drop in value and there is no easy way to avert depreciation. Although, there are number of techniques that make your car look great.

Five Must-Have Car Accessories That Makes You a Smart Driver
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