15 Untold Secrets You Didn’t Know About World’s Best Player Lionel Messi
July 17, 2014

The world’s best player- Lionel Messi called as “Leo” or “Messi” for fans has so much untold secrets we never paid attention to. Messi was poor but how he land to powerful club Barcelona, is still unclear. From middle-class life to childhood deficiency, Barcelona member to flaunting blue-and-white Argentina jersey, Lionel Messi is an idol for everyone. And if you love to know everything about the superstar, here are 15 untold secrets about the star players.

His Real Name Is Luis- Lionel Messi was born as Luis Lionel Andres Messi. Though, he is known to the world as Lionel Messi, the player was born on 24th June, 1987 in Argentina. It is still unclear why his parents chose him to be known as Lionel. Many believed that he is named after American singer Lionel Richie, which is incorrect.

Messi Was Born To Middle-Class Family- His parent belongs to Italian origin. His father Jorge was a normal factory worker and his mother Celia was a part-time cleaner.

Messi’s Football Talent Was Discover At The Age Of Five- The 5-year-old Messi started playing football for a local club called Grandoli coached by his father. In 1995, he played for Newell’s Old Boys in his home city. He became youth powerhouse that lost only one game in the four years. He was known as “The Machine of ’87.”

Messi Suffered Hormone Deficiency- Before he could make it big, Messi suffered from growth hormone deficiency issue at the age of 11. His treatment cost $900 per month. How he recovered and landed at Barcelone is altogether a different story.

Barcelona Paid His Medical Bills- Soldini and Montero arranged Messi’s life-changing meet with Barcelona. FC Barcelona coach was impressed with his skills and offered him deal immediately and offered to pay all his medical expenses.

Barcelona Signed Messi Because Of A Video- Messi juggled oranges and tennis balls with his feet for around 113 and 120 times respectively, which Soldini captured in a video. Barcelona officials were impressed with his footwork and this is how his career took off. And his family shifted to Spain.

His Signed An Agreement On Paper Towel- Messi’s first deal with Barcelona was made out on paper napkin. Barcelona coach was keen to sign him immediately. Since there was no paper available, deal was officiated on napkin.

Messi Has Dual Nationality- Messi was born in Argentina but very soon he was shifted to Spain. He acquired Spain citizenship in September 2005. He holds Argentina’s and Spain’s passport.

Messi Could Have Played For Spain- Messi shifted to Spain at the age of 13, and was offered to play for Spanish U20 in 2004. He turned down the offer because all he wanted to wear blue-and-white Argentinean jersey.

His Love For His Family Is Eternal- His family is very dear to Messi. No wonder why he point finger up in the sky after every goal. He dedicates all his goals to his late grandmother by raising finger up in the sky in her respect. Messi, at the age of 10, lost his grandmother.


Messi Is An Isolated Guy- Messi doesn’t mingle much with his teammates. He doesn’t like to be in spotlight always. Barcelona recruits players who can blend with Messi. Eto’s, one of the key striker in Barcelona wining, was asked to leave due to issues with Messi.

“immessionate” Added To Spanish Dictionary- The word ‘immessinate’ derived from Messi is recently added to Santinalla dictionary.  Its actual definition is – “1. Adjective which makes a reference to Lionel Messi, in his own way completed to play soccer, in his unlimited capacity to surpass itself. 2. An adjective to qualify the best soccer player of all time.”

Messi Doesn’t Have An Agent- Messi family has their own company to take care of Messi’s PR. His father and brother take care of the company. Pablo Negre is hired to take care of his communication around the world.

Messi Took Over Barcelona No.10 Jersey From Ronaldinho- Messi’s No.10 jersey for Barcelona was actually inherited from legendary footballer Ronaldinho in 2008.

Messi Believes In Giving Back To Society- Messi under Leo Messi Foundation supports different charity work. His charity works for people suffering from Fragile X Syndrome.

Messi Is A Complete Family Man- Since he owes a lot to his parent Messi is much dedicated to his son and wife. His wife and son Thiago accompanies him always on and off the field. He makes it a point to bring his son on the field after every match. Lionel also had his son’s name and handprints tattooed on his left calf.

This is all about the Great Messi. Check us back daily for more stories on footballers revealing truths you have never heard of.

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