12 Things We Learned From Brazil 2014 World Cup
July 17, 2014

FIFA World Cup wrapped up in the most fascinating and breathtaking way ever. It was full of energy, excitement, colorful fans and deserving WINNER. So the best team took away the title and Brazil 2014 World Cup was one of the memorable events of the year. What we learned from this gala festival of football? Here are 12 things that we will remember from this season:-

Attacking Game Rules The Field

FIFA is not all about positive football and 2014 season is epitome of it. Alex Song tackles on Mario or Pepe head-to-head clash against Thomas Muller, this year saw much cruel battle on the field. Counter-attack still prevails but attacking players in the name of defense isn’t an ethical practice. Neymar’s brutal injury left his dreams remained still for another four years or Suarez bite controversy lands him in fourth-month ban. It is likely to believe that lot of coaches encourage this initiative.

Talented England Lacks Performing Squad

Is it international arena fear or taking FIFA just like any other match? This may be the case of England team. The 2014 England World Cup was packed with best players but they all fail to perform together. Press criticized them for not being up to World Cup standards.

Goalkeepers Are Game-Changer

2014 was the year for goalkeepers and team has lot to thank them for. Tim Howard’s 15 saves in one match, Ochao wining save for Mexico and Manuel Neuer, the Golden Glove Winner are few who earn respect with each passing game. Their goal blocking strategies and mind-gamer were much talked about.

Passion Alone Doesn’t Wins You The Title

The argument between domination of passion or clever tactics to win football matches has always clash on. Basically whichever side you pick, lack of both will harm your dream. Without tactics know-how, you don’t get Germany march through Brazil brutally and without passion, you don’t get to see Luis’s killing performance against England. The point is to find balance between the two and play the cue perfectly. Brazil got this painfully wrong; they opted to embrace the zeal of a nation and finally ended up overdoing an emotion, inspired by the Neymar fury. Passion and emotion overdose leads to witless football and Brazil’s worst performance is a useful example.

Psychiatrist Don’t Work Wonders

Brazil’s “urgent session” with an in-house psychiatrist didn’t help them much. Though, the main motive was to calm down players before they meet Colombia in semi-final and it worked. Then they meet Germany and everything went in vain. The tournament saw big spending on coaches, staffs and players but nothing paid well at least for champion teams.

Louis Van Gaal Is A Magician

Manchester United’s newly appointed manager had a good tournament though Ron Vlaar up for first penalty proved risky against Argentina. It’s not about Tim Krul substitution in penalty shootout against Costa Rica, it was about perfectly timed strategy he used in every matches. A flexible tactics, switch in the mid-game formation, to make place for flair, and know how to tackle grilling question from press.

No Magic, Only Hard Work Pays

Yes, you have star player in your team but this won’t let you cross bridge so easily. Ronaldo, Neymar and Rooney all failed to make a mark, and in the end it’s your hard work pays you. Argentina who struggled to clear each match either in extra minutes or penalty shootout, fail to win against Germany. Meanwhile, Germans played well from the opening match till the final clash. Their opening clash against Portugal destroyed Ronaldo and final Argentina meet left star Messi in despair. Germans attended the base level of the game and they produce excellent bunch of footballers and team to be proud of.

Superstar Never Assures Big Titles

The four biggest stars in the World Cup were Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar. Apart from Messi, star players were not 100% healthy for the tournament. Suarez biting controversy, Neymar deadly injury, Ronaldo elimination in the first stage, proves that club stars fail to shine brightly in the international arena. Off the lot, only Messi performed well, though it wasn’t up to mark to defeat superstar-less Germans.

Game Is Undecided Until The Last Whistle Is Blown

Every minute matters! Many World Cup games were won in the final minutes— like Sunday’s final clash between Argentina and Germany who played goalless until the 90 minutes, which went to extra minute and finalized only in the 133th minute, Germany winning the game. Also, we learned that 90 minutes is not always 90 minutes. The clock never stops until we have final winner. Referees keep track of stoppage time or injury time taken, and those minutes are added in the end of each half.

Champion Teams Failed to Create Same Magic

Brazil, Spain, France and Italy were top favorite teams among fans were thrashed badly in the 2014 season. Brazil, as we all know, was battered badly by Germany and Netherlands, shattering their dreams in the quarter-finals and supporters went mad over the loss. Spain lost its hope in their first opening match against the Dutch, who defeated 2010 champions by 5-1. France started stronger but their performance failed drastically in the quarterfinals against Germany. They were eliminated in quarterfinals. Italy was out of the tournament before they could make it to second round. Italy loss to Uruguay was the most unexpected one even when you have Mario Balotelli on your side.

Fancy Haircuts Are Here To Stay

Though, Ronaldo played only three matches but his different styles for all three matches was the talking point in the fashion arena. From Neymar’s hair highlights to Balotelli’s asymmetrical style, footballers hair styles are in fashion.

Asian Teams Are Still Behind

Unlike many heavyweight Europeans countries, Asian sides failed to change the game for them. Four Asian countries qualified for World Cup 2014, but none of them enter the knockout stages, biggest disappointment for Asian sides. Japan, Russia, South Korea and Iran were both placed in tough groups and getting out of it is one of the tough challenges for them.

Here we sum up everything 2014 World Cup has taught us. If we missed any lesson, let us know in the comments. Check us back for more inside scoop on FIFA World Cup. Stay Tuned!

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