Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle: Three Ways To Get Better Fuel Economy
June 17, 2014
Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle: Three Ways To Get Better Fuel Economy
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car fuelWith fuel prices soaring high, it’s evidently important to take care of gas mileage. The opportunity to lessen gas consumption and enhance gas mileage offers a win-win situation. But did you know the way you drive can affect the fuel consumption? Well, here are three essential ways that won’t promise to give you playboy lifestyle but it will surely improve your fuel economy and you save few bucks every month.

Drive Wisely:   

Your driving habit can have a huge impact on gas mileage and your pocket. Follow these tips when you’re behind the wheel.

-          A green light signal doesn’t mean the start of a road race. High-speed driving uses both fuel and emissions. Driving 65 mph instead of 75 can reduce your fuel up to 20 percent. And if you make slow stops and starts, it will save more fuel.

-          Don’t accelerate rapidly or clump on the brakes. Go slow on throttle. It will save fuel as well as depreciation on brakes.

-          If you’re waiting at huge traffic or at the crossing of the train, shut down your engine even it’s just for a few minutes. It will definitely make difference in your fuel usage.

-          Even if it’s a chilly weather or sunny environment, don’t warm up your automobile for more than 30 seconds. Thanks to advanced design, most modern cars only need 30 seconds to warm up.

-          Did you know vehicle windows do play a major role in engine working? Yes, it does! Keeping windows down generate aerodynamic drag, which forces an engine to work more relentlessly. If you’re driving on the highway, this can actually decrease fuel economy by 10 percent.

Maintenance Check:

Why is it important to keep your maintenance at check always? Here are few reasons:-

-          Keep the tire pressure at check always. Make sure the tires are set to the suggested pressure to increase fuel economy by 3.3 percent.

-          Next time you change the oil; don’t forget to check the filter as well. Replacing a dirty filter with a clean one will save at least 10 percent on fuel costs.

-          Read the car manual thoroughly and follow the maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle in working order. If it’s time to change the oil, do it. It will surely save up to 4 percent in fuel usage.

-          Buy the correct gas as suggested in owner’s manual. Getting a premium-grade fuel won’t create much effect on your fuel economy and it’s too expensive.

-          Clean your car. The less weight in car, the better fuel economy.

-          Choose the right oil as recommended by manufacturer. Use motor oil which says “Energy Conserving” contains friction-reducing materials. Also, extend the lifespan of your vehicle by changing oil at regular interval and it will save more money.

Monitor your Car Engine:

A car engine properly tuned will help you improve gas mileage and increase longevity of vehicle. How to do it?

-          Despite all technology advancements, a new engine needs to be conditioned. The focus is to let the moving parts hold against each other gently without scoring or overheating. It means do not overload your engine for the first 1000 miles.

-          All parts inside the engine are greased by oil. As time passes by, the engine oil contaminates, deteriorates and loses its qualities. Without changing oil, the engine sludge up and wear out faster. If you change your oil regularly, the engine remains well lubricated and clean.

-          Do check your engine oil level. When you drive, few amount of oil is consumed by engine and the oil level falls down. If the oil level is low, the engine wears out faster.

-          The color of your engine oil says everything. If it’s yellowish and looks fresh, it’s new and doesn’t need to be changed. If it’s something in little dull yellow orange color, the oil top up time has come. If the oil looks darker and dirty, it’s time for next oil change.

-          Overheating is the worst enemy ever. A harshly overheated engine needs to be replaced timely. If the engine temperature is higher than expected, check the cooling system.

If you’re about to buy a new car, go for fuel-efficient one. Due to new advancement, there are more fuel-efficient options than you ever thought of. Don’t be a rash driver because it will always land you in trouble and fuel economy is taken at stake. Despite getting better fuel economy, it is important to save money at the same time. Saving money at the pump is a good idea. Many big outlets offer coupons and promotional benefits which can be exchanged at pump. Enjoy happy and save driving.





Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle: Three Ways To Get Better Fuel Economy
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