E-Cigarettes: Is Vaping the New Alternative to Smoking?
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September 26, 2014
E-Cigarettes: Is Vaping the New Alternative to Smoking?
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E-cigarettes have been around for a while now and quite a number of people use them as a smoking alternative in place of regular cigarettes. They were first conceptualized and sold in China in 2004 and later launched in many countries from 2007. Since then their popularity has exceptionally grown by leaps and bounds. These e-cigarettes have received praise in their favor as well as strong criticism against them. Have you ever wondered what the fuss is all about?

E cigarettes work on a ‘vaporizer’ which is powered by a battery. This uses a liquid called ‘E-liquid’, which when heated up produces an aerosol resembling smoke. For the heating process it uses a component called ‘atomizer’. It gives the feeling and taste of a conventional cigarette minus the harmful effects and hence its demand grows continuously. We have listed out the pros and cons of ‘vaping’, so that you can decide if it is worth the hype!

Let’s start with the benefits of E-cigarettes.

1.       Safety and Less Risk:

Vis-à-vis traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are much safer. There is no burning of tobacco involved in this type of smoking, thus no combustion. The harmful effects of nicotine are reduced by a large amount as it is vaporized. In fact there are very few chemicals; no tobacco, tar or arsenic, and hence lesser risk of disease by using these cigarettes. Toxic levels are 9 to 450 times lower than in cigarette smoke according to Roswell Park Cancer Institute researchers. The carcinogen content was found to be almost negligible. It is also safer for passive smokers i.e. those who will inhale the second hand vapor.

2.       May help to Quit Smoking:

A majority of smokers try to quit multiple times but yet fail after therapy, counseling and medication. Even if they wish to stop, they experience terrible withdrawal symptoms along with urges and hence go back to smoking again. Nicotine replacement products help in this case and are recommended by healthcare professionals too. Some of the popular smoking cessation products are nicotine gum, patches, lozenges etc. Along similar lines, switching to electronic cigarettes will work well as a substitute for the nicotine craving and thus can help smokers quit faster and without harm. The American Heart Association’s gave a statement on electronic cigarettes as “a last resort to help smokers quit”, if other products do not help.


 3.  Better experience:

The physical unpleasantness of conventional cigarettes is absent in E-Cigarettes. One can inhale the vapors without worrying too much about tobacco, ash, tar or offensive smell. There is a variety of different flavors that will help curb the taste of tobacco for regular cigarette smokers.

These benefits definitely work in the favor of E cigarettes. However, before you decide to try them, a word of caution; too much of a good thing can lead to other issues. Here are some of the possible disadvantages of using E-Cigarettes:

4. Addiction: E-Cigarettes still contain nicotine. Although it may not be very dangerous in the form of vapor, nevertheless it is addictive. And nicotine addiction is very difficult to shake off. Especially for minors, E-cigarettes should be a strict no-no. Tim McAfee, director of the CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health has asked for ban on sale of E-cigs to minors, “Not only is nicotine highly addictive, it can harm adolescent brain development.” Non smokers also go out to try these because of their novelty and may get hooked to them. Although, there is non-nicotine based e- cigarette fluid available too which can be used. One can even have nicotine based fluid where the concentration of nicotine is defined, so please check before you buy the products.

5. Toxic Exposure: The toxicity level is eminent in E-Liquid. There is no proper disposal method that is safe and if E-Cigarettes leak or break then the exposure to chemicals is very dangerous. Some of the components are harmful, like diethyl glycol which can cause respiratory problems. The exact type and concentration of chemicals are not known. The FDA has warned on their website that, “E-cigarettes may contain ingredients that are known to be toxic to humans, and may contain other ingredients that may not be safe.”

Having said that, one must keep in mind, E-Cigarettes are any day better than conventional cigarettes. Their pros far outweigh the cons. Particularly in the case of regular smokers; this is a boon for them to reduce disease and death due to tobacco. 42.1 million people or 18.1% of all adults (aged 18 years or older), in the United States smoke cigarettes according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 16 million Americans suffer from a disease caused by smoking and it’s the cause of 480,000 deaths, i.e. one in every five deaths, each year. These statistics are shocking and disturbing, yet people do not or cannot quit. Switching to E-Cigarette could be the answer to the problem.

Remember, smoking among minors is extremely destructive and should always be discouraged. Don’t go for vaping just because it is ‘cool’ or because you are attracted by the novelty factor. If you are already smoking regular cigarettes, then switching to E-cigarettes is recommended to prevent dangerous effects of smoking. Use them as an alternative but don’t overdo it; use them carefully and safely.

Use trusted brands with good reputation to avoid possibilities of leaks and damage. One good site we recommend is Vapors. They give a great satisfying vape and a good throat hit. They stock fine quality kits, and a wide variety of flavors in e-liquids. Visit their website for more details.

Another brand to mention is v2 cigs, they also have an established user base who swear by the thick vape. You can customize your flavors, colors and accessories too.

So next time, don’t pick up that conventional cigarette, it may end up giving you lung cancer. It’s time to quit smoking today and switch to E-Cigarettes; because after all smoking kills. Share with us in the comments what you know about E-cigs and what brands you prefer to use!

E-Cigarettes: Is Vaping the New Alternative to Smoking?
2 votes, 4.00 avg. rating (80% score)

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