Black Friday 2014: A Complete Guide To Save This Shopping Season Like A Pro
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November 28, 2014
Black Friday 2014
Black Friday 2014: A Complete Guide To Save This Shopping Season Like A Pro
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Black Friday is one of the most awaited times of the year for shoppers, which has became a permanent mark on the calendar to run up shopping for Christmas. “Black Friday” started in the US, where big stores offer incredible deals for one day just after Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday is now bigger and better than ever, every stores have great value offers across hundreds of products including electronic appliances, apparel, bags and much more.

There’s no way to burn your Turkey feast than by rushing for an early bird shopping spree. The day arrived after Thanksgiving Day is the official start of the shopping season. It’s “The Hunger Games of Shopping” with eager crowd geared up on a mission to score on the hottest deals available.

This year, Black Friday is on 28th November, and people across the nation are preparing to get their hands on the best deals of the season. But Black Friday champs are those who are prepared to step ahead of the hungry crowd. If you’re planning to save big this time, here is your guide to make your Black Friday shopping season a complete success.

Black Friday Tips

Here are few shopping secrets that will help you to save more-

Secret #1- Some retail outlets offer great deals for Black Friday from Wednesday or Thursday. For instance, many big giant offers early-bird deals to loyalty customers. Even if you are not a member of any store, stores do offer products at the discounted price to new members also. Start shopping as early as possible to get better choice and avoid crowd.

Secret #2-Compare price of what you want to buy before you confuse yourself on the big day in stores. There are websites that allow you to search for cheapest prices or discounts and compare them. You must look on websites like,, and ShopSavvy before making your final purchase. For someone looking for deals on the go, BuyVia is the easiest solution for local deals and coupons.

Secret #3- Shop with a plan to avoid hassle later. Smart shoppers create a spreadsheet with items they intend to buy, including product size, model and other preferences. You can also create shopping spreadsheet with list of gifts to be purchased and make a separate column to list store, which offers individual products and their opening hours. Many smart buyers also include driving direction to get that location. The core strategy is that you should be aware what are you buying, promotion and discount you are interested in.

Secret #4- Make your own team of shopping with your friends and family. Your shopping journey will be more successful with more members. The extra sets of hands and eyes would be easier when cleaning the aisles for crazy deals. You can plan out strategy and allot every member different floor or departments to quickly buy product before stocks last up. Leave children at home, if possible.

Secret #5-Apply 40% rule to shop for clothing on Black Friday. The best time to score high on clothing is August, September and January, but if fashion is in your gift list, always go for offer more than 40% off on full retail price. 40% off is the barometer for great deal on shoes, clothing and accessories. You’ll be saving more money with this simple rule.

Secret #6-You must always carry sales ads with you for any last minute haul. Most prices you see on the final day might vary from the discounted price on the ads hence you can always check with the store authority before indulging in anything called “lowest price guarantee.” You can print both the online ads and webpage advertisement and make sure carry them with you before you buy.

Secret #7- Do not use debit card while shopping. It is always advisable to use store card or credit card to make payments. It is important to go budget-wise but many outlets offer discounts, reward points and warranties if you make purchase on store card. On the other hand, cash payment can offer more savings benefits and will also curb your overspending habit. Credit card usage will add more protection to your money and offers redeemable points and cashback.

Secret #8- Before you checkout, many stores offer gift receipt as return of exchange for shoppers. While many retailers offer gift receipt option, make sure you ask for one before you make the final purchase. This will help you return the item easily. You also need to look in for stores’ return and exchange polices, both in offline and online market. Some shops might have shorter return deadlines, restocking fees, and other terms and conditions.

Secrets are revealed and you know how to save more while you shop more. Black Friday is the day to enjoy discounted shopping, but there are tricks retailers use to cheat shoppers. Are you aware of this? The difference between “up to” and “flat” is the most confusing scenario for any shopper. There are many possible rip-offs that might ruin your savings. Here are few scams that you must beware of to avoid any financial nightmares.

Fake coupons- What could be better saving option when you can use coupons on already discounted deal? And there are plenty of coupons available online this season, but not all are real. In spite of offering coupons, many hackers lure you to website that asks you for your credit card information. Think twice before you hit on suspicious-looking coupons or website that could be phishing from non-trusted websites. You must check official stores for trusted coupons and genuine offers.

Phony e-mails- Spam e-mails or text messages may lure you to click on links. As Black Friday is soon coming, hackers might send you spam e-mails to get you excellent sales, but there is no way to judge whether the discount is real or fake. Check sender’s email address. If you didn’t sign up for the notifications or didn’t recognize the sender, do not respond to such e-mails or click on links. Be careful of what you save on your PC. Avoid downloading any attachments from illegitimate e-mails.

Bogus goods- if you’re staying at home this season, online shopping sites might be a good option to enjoy hassle-free shopping. Throughout the shopping season, many e-commerce websites promise awesome deals, but chances are they might be selling fake goods. These sites promise high-quality products at great discounts, but fall for cheap knock-off. When in doubt, always research for the legitimacy of the website before making any purchase.

Most Black Friday discounts will focus on electronic goods, technology and gadgets, but few offers are delayed to Cyber Monday. Certain shopping items like clothing and accessories are not worth your time. The holiday shopping season will start early evening on 27th November, so make sure you have planned budget or list of goods you want to buy. There will always be better deals this season after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday 2014: A Complete Guide To Save This Shopping Season Like A Pro
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