September Issue: News Around The World That Made Headlines
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October 1, 2014
News of the week

India’s achievement on Mars Mission, protesters in Hong Kong, New York Fashion Week, Hurricane strike in California, Apple’s gala event, iPhone bend controversy and US take on jihad controversy, September ended with victory, horrifying events and political hustle-bustle. And if you missed any happenings across the world, here is your complete news directory of this month. (more…)

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Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle: Three Ways To Get Better Fuel Economy
June 17, 2014

car fuelWith fuel prices soaring high, it’s evidently important to take care of gas mileage. The opportunity to lessen gas consumption and enhance gas mileage offers a win-win situation. But did you know the way you drive can affect the fuel consumption? Well, here are three essential ways that won’t promise to give you playboy lifestyle but it will surely improve your fuel economy and you save few bucks every month.

Drive Wisely:   

Your driving habit can have a huge impact on gas mileage and your pocket. Follow these tips when you’re behind the wheel.

-          A green light signal doesn’t mean the start of a road race. High-speed driving uses both fuel and emissions. Driving 65 mph instead of 75 can reduce your fuel up to 20 percent. And if you make slow stops and starts, it will save more fuel.

-          Don’t accelerate rapidly or clump on the brakes. Go slow on throttle. It will save fuel as well as depreciation on brakes. (more…)

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How Car Insurance Companies Calculate Your Premium: Know the Truth!
June 10, 2014

car insuranceEver wonder how insurance companies calculate premium? Is there some specific formula or some mystery that you are unaware of? Do you know insurance score? We leave all such queries to our agent, don’t we? One must know in and out about the type of insurance they’re opting for and science involved in it. Do you know with little tricks you can save big money on your car insurance premium? Not to worry, we have bought you few unsaid, untold mystery and concept behind car insurance premium and how they are actually calculated. Grab your notepad, you might need them.

IDV- Insured Declared Value

Your car has some value at some point of time. When you suffer total loss in a car accident, the amount is compensated under a motor insurance coverage related to your vehicle value at that point in time. If your car is new just driven out of a store, the value is fairly more than four-year old car. The premium is calculated as per the Insured Declared Value. Insured Declared Value- IDV is your car worth estimated by insurance company at the time when you apply for auto insurance.

Car insurance policies are protection (indemnity) policies—you are compensated for amount up to financial loss that you’ve suffered on the insured vehicle. Insured Declared Value is the maximum amount you can claim under a policy to reimburse for loss due to accident or theft.

For e.g. if you suffer loss in a mishap of your four-year old vehicle worth $5,000 at the period of accident, you will be paid off for more than $5,000.

For newly-purchased car insurance, the IDV is evaluated on the price of the new vehicle i.e. the showroom price. For renewing insurance, the IDV is calculated considering the complete wear and tear that car has experienced. Technically, the IDV is adjusted as per the depreciation that vehicle has undergone.

What about your car accessories installed? In such case, the value of accessories like special system, speakers, music system or anything additional to the car price is added to the IDV. If you are car is more than 5 years old, the premium and IDV is decided adjusting the depreciation schedule.

Cubic Capacity-

Car has an engine space, which is calculated as car’s cubic capacity. The engine size does affect the insurance premium included in third-party insurance claim. The premium value is the same for new or old car, because premium deals with the function of engine size not with the age. Vehicle with higher engine CC are likely to pay higher premiums.

Your car engine CC is mentioned on the registration papers. There might be slight change in amount due to different factors such as brand, market value, engine or age of the vehicle.

Insurance Cover-

An insurance cover is basically a rating used to find the possibility that a customer will report for an insurance claim. This score is based on consumer’s credit rating and the calculation method differs from one insurer to other. While many insurance firms use proprietary formula to measure scores- the factors used are outstanding debt, credit history, payment details and history, revolving credit, loans, monthly account balance, and available credit.

Insurance companies cleverly show a positive relation between insurance claims and credit scores. It does make sense. At time of minor car accidents, persons with poor credit are more expected to file claims as compared to those with higher credit scores. Insurance scoring is profitable, because not many qualify for the lower pricing. Insurance premiums are a revenue stream which is recurring for insurance companies, and scores just add up to higher premiums.

How to save money-

-          Maintain a good credit report. For instance, flawed driving history but good credit record pay less whereas good driving history but bad credit report end you paying more.

-          There are many factors that determine your insurance premium, make sure you ask your insurance company on all other factors.

-          To keep your score high, ensure that you pay all bills and limit credit cards usage to avoid debt. Your insurance score is highly impacted by monthly credit cards expenses. It would be difficult to stop using it but there are always ways to cut down.

Don’t always opt for any insurance because it’s an recurring expense hence always compare policies before getting one for you. Credit score is here to stay, you must take care of it wisely. Know your financial spending patterns and how does it affect your premium.

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Four Summer Fashion Tips Must For Every Shopaholic
June 10, 2014

fashionApart from soaring temperature and havoc at the beach, summer brings undeniable urge to shop more and flaunt more. Maybe because the weather is warmer and weekend trips demand us to show new outfits. Though refreshing your summer closest is a boring activity. Summer relocation to streets, shoppers, vendors can make your experience a little frightening.

However, through exploring streets from many years, I’ve hand-picked few tricks that would prove to be a boon for shopaholic. Start your summer shopping with a bang with our life-saving tips.

Tip #1- Mix and Match

Summers are cool weather to try different textures, patterns and prints. You might have those old tank tops kept in the closet for years. Summer is the time to reinvent your style. Mix and Match is the season’s new trend. Pair your old tank top with pleated flowery skirt and get-set-ready for any beach party. It’s about blending different prints, textures to your old outfits. From quirky prints to denim dash, everything blends perfectly with the sun. White is not the only color for summer, the choices has shifted from pastel colors to raunchy numbers. Mixing can be difficult and tricky but a new way to create variety in simple outfits. However, a little mismatch or wrong combination lands you in trouble. Don’t go color block keep trying new prints and patterns. Balance medium or large with small prints/patterns. However, large prints can make you look wider and very small prints make your appearance look busy. Hence use prints carefully. (more…)

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How to Approach High PR bloggers for a Guest Post: Steps Decoded
May 27, 2014

Love BloggingGuest Blogging is simply being a guest writer for another website. Guest blogging provides outstanding benefits to blogger and their website. It not only increases your visibility but also improves your readership, traffic and new visitors. Is guest posting a great to increase readers? How do I get my content posted on top blogs? Those are thoughts many beginners are puzzled of.

Guest posting is a great networking technique that helps your blog to grow more in huge numbers and an important concept that many new bloggers don’t pay attention to. Why guest blogging is essential?

  • to drive traffic and increase readership
  • a platform to build reputation and authority
  • a healthy way to build links, that too good ones

All you need to do is write a good content, original and compelling one that fits your guest blog’s niche. Seems enough? Well, the hard task is to pitch your content and get your article posted in real-world website i.e. the high PR bloggers.

Well, we are at your rescue. If you’re looking for guest blogging then this article is for you. Here are steps on how to approach high-ranking website for guest post and get things done easily.

How to find blog: The first step is to search for guest post opportunities. Just remember to find blogs which is relevant to your niche. Finding high-PR guest blogs are easy but pitching them your idea seems a big task. Hence make sure you have great content to impress them. There are many ways where you can find guest post blogs for e.g. (more…)

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