7 Mobile Apps That Will Change the Way You Look At Personal Finance
March 3, 2015
Mobile Apps For Finance
7 Mobile Apps That Will Change the Way You Look At Personal Finance
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Do you feel that dealing with personal finance is a complicated task? Do bills, rent, shopping, utilities, and other expenses inundate you? Keeping up with all of it and saving some funds too, at the end of the day can be quite overwhelming for the average person!

The good news is: keeping track of money and managing income without difficulty is now simpler than you thought. If you are not great with spending cash or setting budgets then all you need is a simple mobile app to do the work for you. But with so many apps on the market, how do you decide which tool is the best for you? Here’s a rundown on the best personal finance apps that will give you everything you need to manage your income.

Mint App


Mint is the perfect app for managing your money. It is an easy way to handle and keep track of personal finances. All you have to do is download the app and create an account in a simple set up (one time). Then add your banking, credit cards, loans and investment accounts. The tool will sync information from every account and organize it for you.

With mortgage, bills and shopping categorized in one place, you will be able to see how much you are spending and when. Efficiently create budgets, make adjustments, view spending history, credit scores and find ways to spend smarter; all right on your phone from this app! On the basis of your expenditure, Mint will provide personalized recommendations for you about savings and decision making for the future. It will even send alerts for bills and other reminders to your email or phone.

With this tool, there is no need of spreadsheets, book keeping or other hassles. Mint uses 128-bit SSL encryption, so your data is protected and your information is secure. In addition, it alerts you about any dubious transactions that may have occurred with your accounts.

Download Mint for Android, iOS and Windows.


Spendee App


Spendee is an app specially designed to record spending and see where your money goes. With an attractive user interface and ease of use, this app is ideal to get a hold on your personal finances. It is informative, simple and has the perfect layout to check or update finances on the go.

Different categories are made available to sort you expenditure for e.g. rent, gas, restaurant, bills, clothing, airfare, cinema etc. With an easy and quick feature, you can add new expenses and revenue into the tool easily anywhere, anytime. For better understanding of your expenses, Spendee displays visuals like graphs and charts. Here you can make date-wise comparison with percentages of costs and purchases, view your payments, and more.

Spendee lets you analyze your spending skillfully and also gives you advice on how to save money. The categories can be edited according to your preferences. You will receive notifications for your frequent expenditures. You can also export your data from the app to Excel, CSV or Google Drive.

Download Spendee for Android and iOS.

 Expensify Mobile App


Expensify is all about expense reporting. Touted to be the ideal app for business travelers, sales people and companies, it works like a virtual accountant and simplifies your expense reports by taking the time and paperwork out. With this app, you can track your expenditure, take photos of receipts and generate reports on the go.

Import your back accounts and credit card details into this tool to directly input expenses. Expensify will automatically generate IRS guaranteed e-receipts from credit card transactions under $75. Easily add expenses, edit them, attach receipts and create reports. You can use the app to click pictures of receipts and the SmartScan feature will scan and create the expense automatically. The time entry feature lets you add expenses related to time. An interesting feature of mileage entry enters the distance covered using your phone’s GPS or by taking a photo of your odometer.

You can export reports easily by email or convert them into PDF form to save for future use. Expensify uses HTTPS with SSLv3 and split-knowledge dual-control master AES key encryption, so your information is protected and secure.

Download Expensify for Android, iOS and Windows.

MoneyWise App


If you are looking for a money management app to monitor everyday cash flow and track personal expenses then MoneyWise is the app for you. This is the best app to measure spending and keep it in line with your targets.

Download MoneyWise and you can use it even in the offline mode. Set budgets for specific periods of time according to your payments. Easily register your expenses through filters into the budgets on the go. Once you input all information, you will be able to view the expenses categorized for better understanding. You can then analyze spending patterns through the filtered data and infographics. Tag transactions with labels like work, travel, or clients, to sort data better.

Graph expenses by time or category are provided for visual representation of data. You will be able to monitor account balances, break transactions into multiple categories and mark transactions as cleared by bank. Data can be exported to your computer and imported into excel for further analysis. You can also export information as HTML reports to print them.

Download MoneyWise for Android.

Check Mobile App


Personal finances need not be complicated anymore. Download Check; it is the absolute tool for keeping up with everyday expenses and payments. It tracks expenditures, notifies when payments are due and lets you schedule all your utilities and bills charges. Once you get this app you will never be late to pay bills in the future!

Check brings together all you banking information, credit cards, bills and other accounts. It monitors them and notifies you when you are low on funds. Get reminders for bills and pay them instantly anytime you want, right from your phone. View cash balances, check interest rates and monitor charges all in one place. The app also supports credit unions and insurance providers along with banks.

The bank level encryption ensures that your data is protected and there is no fear of information getting stolen or lost. Check will even alert you of any huge purchases, transactions or charges in your account that are unusual.

Download Check for Android and iOS.

Dollarbird Mobile App


Dollarbird is an intelligent calendar app for personal finances. Through this tool, you can track all your expenses and forecast your money. Simple user interface and flexible money handling make this app ideal for managing wealth.

Expenditure, along with past as well as future income, can be added easily onto the calendar. Input repeated income like salary and recurring expenses like rent. Dollarbird will then provide you with the organized cash flow data. For each day, it will calculate your balance and display it for you. The app provides graphs and visuals to show how your balance has changed over a period of time. You can view monthly comparisons of funds and transactions for in depth analysis of your expenses. Sync data from multiple devices or accounts and create budgets effortlessly.

Category wise distribution of expenses into utilities, education, travel, rent, loans and more, is available for improved understanding of costs and payments. Plan, edit and delete transactions as per your preferences for a detailed view of your finances. The app will also forecast future balances from your history. In addition, it will send reminders for monthly payments like bills.

 Download Dollarbird for Android and iOS.

 Level Money Mobile App

Level Money

If you have trouble budgeting then Level Money is the app for you. It is a mobile money meter tool that helps you control your financial future by balancing savings and spending.

Without complicated graphs and charts, this is an app that is easy to use and clutter free. Just link all your bank accounts and credit cards to Level; the app eliminates the need to enter transactions manually. It detects your income and shows you expendables, savings and debts. It keeps you informed about how much money you have and how much you can spend so that you can keep track of your monetary goals. With every new transaction in Level Money, it automatically updates the amount of spendable cash you have.

With a clear picture of cash flow and savings forecast, you will get a better hold on your funds. Level uses the same encryption as banks and financial organizations, so your money is safe and protected with this app.

Download Level Money for Android and iOS.

Get these apps today and let them manage your money for you!

If you know about, or have used any other apps that have helped you with personal finance then share them with us in the comments.

7 Mobile Apps That Will Change the Way You Look At Personal Finance
7 votes, 4.00 avg. rating (80% score)

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