6 Top Fashion Trends To Rock This Fall: Back To College Fashion
August 21, 2014
6 Top Fashion Trends To Rock This Fall: Back To College Fashion
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Someone says “college fashion” and an image pops in your mind; probably a girl wearing short skirts, cropped tops, dark jackets, or a boy in slim fit chinos and round neck tees. However with changing seasons, the trends in clothing change too. If you are going to begin a new college year this fall, then you need to stay tuned to the latest fashion styles and crazes while buying new outfits. Are you confused about what to pick and wear? It’s necessary to know what’s in this season and incorporate it into your wardrobe. We have studied the runways, listened to the designers and picked suggestions just for you. Read our verdict for what’s trending this fall season

Bold prints Dresses

Bold prints: Big bold prints are a hot favorite this season. Put away your plain monotonous fabrics and try on funky and interesting prints. Flower motifs are a good choice and can brighten up the dull term. Girls should invest in leopard and cheetah prints as these will make one stand out in a crowd. Guys should have a go at geometric patterns as these are tasteful and appealing. Daring designs in shirts blended with solid trousers or skirts are perfect for this time of the year.

Wide legged pants

Wide legged pants: Everyone is raving about the comeback of huge wide trousers called palazzo pants this fall. The runways witnessed loose and voluminous clothing and women’s pants were all wide legged. They are long and fluid in appearance and will make you look taller and more chic. They come in linen, silk or similar natural soft fabrics. You can get creative and try tiny polka dots or stripes on the pants. Ditch your skinny jeans and buy a couple of these beauties for yourself; pair them with short tops in solid colors and you’re good to go.


A-line: The silhouette which is A shape flared has become quite popular this time around. Very famous in the 60s and 70s, it made frequent reappearances in the fashion scene and now is considered to be a timeless classic. Be it plain, pleated or asymmetrical, it makes you look incredibly elegant and flatters most body types. It is fitting on the top and broadens gracefully at the hips. This design is included into dresses, skirts and even coats. Pair A-line clothing in bold striking colors with minimalistic jewelry to make a style statement.


Oversized: Oversized clothing was another common look seen on the runways. Outerwear was all loose and flowy making it appear as though the models had a blanket draped over them! This is a cool and comfy look which will suit young people very well. You can incorporate it into your wardrobe by using woolens, long coats, big pullovers, and enormous jackets. Knit clothing, especially sweaters, should be oversized and huge to follow this trend. If you are brave enough and wish to go for the messy and casual look, then this fad is definitely meant for you.


Sparkle/shimmer: Yes you heard us right! Plain dull clothing is undeniably out and to replace it you need some sparkle. This is another well admired and accepted fashion trend that will make you shine (literally!). Heavy sparkle can be achieved with embellishments, sequins and beads. Try shimmer on simple and solid patterned clothes. You can also use these in accessories for a glamorous look, for e.g. glittering jewelry or sequined shoes. This is a must have to make any outfit more alluring and attractive. One thing to note; don’t overdo this look. It can be an eyesore if carried too far, so keep it minimal.


Fur: If you are serious about fall fashion, you need fur. It is a very significant part of the fall 2014 collections seen in almost every show, so don’t miss it. An interesting addition to your attire, colorful fur is here to stay. If you are confident, go for fur coats and jackets. If you are hesitant, use it for lining your clothing or in headgear, accessories and bags. Bundle up in fur clothing and be sure to use bold colors to get the perfect look.

Remember to always choose clothing that suits and complements you. After all, college is about being you and not blindly following trends. Take our tips and then choose for yourself what best describes you. Also bear in mind that confidence is key to carrying off any look. So chin up, stand out and make heads turn this fall.

6 Top Fashion Trends To Rock This Fall: Back To College Fashion
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (100% score)


  1. White legged pant:- Does this outfit really make a comeback as a style for women?

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