5 Smart and Effortless Ways to Make Money While Travelling
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October 9, 2014
5 Smart and Effortless Ways to Make Money While Travelling
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Travelling is a luxurious hobby that many people wish to indulge in, but cannot, due to lack of funds. Expensive airfare, premium hotels and super steep tour charges all play a factor in discouraging and preventing travel lovers from visiting their dream destinations. There are also people who travel a lot and just wish to make a quick buck on the go.  If you fall in any of the above categories, you must be wondering what could be a possible source of income when travelling abroad or even to a local destination. You would probably jump with joy if I told you it’s not that difficult; you can visit the most beautiful locations and have the most incredible experiences while earning some money at the same time. We have put together 5 ways you can earn some money while you are enjoying yourself in foreign lands.

Travel writer

1.  Travel writer/blogger: Wander in the most exotic places and then get paid for it too. Sounds unbelievable? Well it’s actually true. You get to go on a fancy trip, enjoy yourself thoroughly, write about your experience and then get to publish it so that other people will benefit from your work. Travel writing is a vast and interesting field of work. It includes writing for books, newspapers, websites, magazines and even guidebooks. There are numerous opportunities with travel companies, advertisers, and in travel blogging.

Decide on the type of content first; what exactly would you like to write? Choose from particular interests like adventure travel, luxury travel, nature exploration tours, road trips etc. An interest which is close to your heart should give you enough ideas to write about. Once you establish a niche in a particular section, you will be able to write at length under that topic. You need to travel widely and extensively to gather a good amount of information about a particular destination; what the location is known for, useful travel tips, interesting anecdotes and more. You need to have a flair for writing, good communication skills and the ability to present the appealing features of any location to attract readers.

From National Geographic to Lonely Planet, you will find multiple platforms to share your travel stories. As a freelance travel writer, you can submit your work to many such organizations, to get the fruits of your labor. On the other hand, if you want to start a blog yourself, you can create a free blog on Blogger or WordPress and then move on to a paid domain once you have a good experience of writing and have an established user base. For e.g., Adventurous Kate, is a popular travel blog by a woman named Kate who travels around the world alone and then blogs her experiences.

Travel Photographer 

2.  Travel photographer: If you love travelling and you also love photography then this one is for you. Adventurous locales beckon to budding as well as established photographers for this exciting challenge. Travel photographers will have to cover everything from landscapes and monuments to cultures and people. Wildlife photography is another exciting avenue for those who love to love animals and tour the world to catch a glimpse of fascinating wildlife. Adventure sports also needs skilled photographers. This way, you get to enjoy your trip and make some good money too.

All you have to do is learn digital photography basics like camerawork and controls, photography lighting and other techniques like picture editing. You also need to have an eye for detail, plenty of patience and a good amount of stamina. You will also need the ability to tell a story through pictures and bring life to unmoving views. The best and most attractive parts of any location must be shown to your audience to gain their interest and attention. Learn what the destination is known for and represent those elements.

You will find opportunities in the travel industry, print and digital media and other travel publications. As a freelance travel photographer, you will find work with guide services, TV and news channels and more. One option to consider is Travel Stock Photography where you can contribute your pictures to stock photo websites like istockphoto. Another choice is event photography where you can team up with event management to cover events abroad like concerts or weddings and then sell your photos.

Tour guide

3. Tour guide: A tour guide or tourist guide is a person who conducts and assists visitors in exploring a destination. There are many different types of tours like nature tours, children’s tours, corporate tours, walking tours etc. As a tour guide, you will have to converse with the tourists in a language that they understand. Elaborating the history, introducing the cultural heritage, explaining the significance of monuments, landmarks and other notable structures are some of tasks of a guide. Preparing itineraries, ensuring safety of tourists and selling souvenirs may be additional responsibilities of the guide.

This is a fun job for people who are expertly familiar with the history, culture and popular attractions of travel destinations. Tour guides are highly in demand with travel companies. Good communication skills, interpersonal skills and extrovert personality are some of the attributes that you must possess for this piece of work. You will find employment prospects with tour operators, both local and international. You should choose the location and type of work according to your expertise.

Escorted tours are where you will find opportunities to use your expertise. You can look for openings at local tour operators for guide recruitment. For e.g. adventure tours at Boyne Resort will require you to assist tourists with the adventure activities and take care of the safety of the guests and proper use of equipment.  Another example is California State Parks historical monuments guide where you have to lead guided tours through the Capitol.

Teaching a language 

4. Teaching a language: Teaching travelers a local or foreign language is a one of the most popular ways of getting paid when overseas. Here you could target people who are travelling for pleasure as well as exchange students, employees on business trips or those who have taken up a job abroad. There are plenty of folks who wish to learn basic survival English and/or local languages when they move out of country or are on a tour. This job is challenging because teaching a language to beginners quickly and efficiently is not a piece of cake. However it is very rewarding and will pay you well too.

You should be well versed with the language that you plan to tutor. Along with this, you also need to have good teaching skills and the ability to present content clearly and effectively for your students. Create lesson plans and learning activities according to the duration and length of the classes you will give. You also need to consider the students language level and background knowledge. You can join institutions as a teacher, a volunteer or you can even work independently.

You can look for jobs at places like TEFL for English Language Teaching Jobs abroad. For local languages, you must visit institutions that require teachers especially at short notice. There are short courses like summer language teachers that you can apply for, where you will have to put in a few hours of work and you will be free to spend the rest of the day in leisure.

Sell foreign goods

5.  Sell foreign goods/trade specialty goods: This is an excellent way to make money from a trip especially if you already have a small amount of capital with you. When you go to exotic locations you will readily find a lot of souvenirs, handmade goods and local specialty artifacts. Rare and unique foreign products will definitely have a good market for purchasing back at your country or town. You must buy these at local prices and bargains, then sell them at your hometown at a much higher price. You will always find consumers interested in goods that particular regions are known for, or goods that cannot be found anywhere else.

These products can be sold independently or you can sell them to novelty stores and collectors. Currently these kinds of items are also traded at online stores where you will make a fairly good amount of profit. Such items usually cannot be purchased in bulk and you may face issues with customs; so a buy a small quantity of variety of products and negotiate prices well.

For an online sale of unique specialty items, reliable websites like eBay will ensure you make decent profits. Apart from these, you should contact local dealers and stores that sell novelties and curios.

These are just some of the well paying work ideas that will fund your travel and make you substantial profits. Apart from these there are also opportunities in travel research, working on a cruise or with an airline etc. But full time employment may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Hence you must try these ideas to make a quick buck and enjoy your trip too. If you have more ideas on how to get paid for travel, share them with us in the comments!

5 Smart and Effortless Ways to Make Money While Travelling
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