4 Must-Have Nail Polishes to Brighten Up Spring
April 17, 2014
4 Must-Have Nail Polishes to Brighten Up Spring
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nail polishThe budding leaves, blooming flowers, butterflies, fun weather and clear sky, spring has finally arrived. It’s the sun, bright colors and pleasant environment that makes spring one of the best weathers of the year. Hence, it is important to look pleasant as the morning dew and the nail polish is the easiest way to enhance your whole look. So get your cheerful manic and make some space for nudes, pale blues, crazy textures, coral, mild greens and creamy pastels. With boundless beautiful options, check out some of our favorite colors of the season. And I promise, you’ll love them all.

Mild Green and Soft Yellow: Anything ranging from a light shade to a nude will work for spring. But, if you wish to give some funky twist to your regular look then nothing can beat mild green or soft yellow. Unlike the harsh yellow, which makes your nails look clumsy and garish you can go for a lighter shade of yellow. Green is the coolest color, but you can complement the upcoming with mild ones too. If you’re completely averse of pastels, this combo should be the one you must experiment with. We’re talking somewhere between green-and-mustard hue. If you wish to try yellow, but confused which one suits you, try buttery pale yellow which is somewhere like lemon yellow. It’s a milder version of yellow and it gives a subtle look to nails. For someone who loves green but does not want to try something emerald or mint, then going for seafoam green is recommended. It’s quite similar to mint, but it reflects more of a blue undertone and a subtle version of pale green nails.

Coral: Coral has always been my favorite. This hard-hitting, pink-orange shade is just best for any summer outing. Many celebs just love to flaunt coral hue from red carpet looks to parties. Go for peachy coral, which isn’t too bright and adds that perfect coral look to your summer nails. If you think corals are too bright for spring, try soft melons. They are not full-blown corals, but are softer versions of the shade. You can decide whether to go for muted, opaque or sheer and how much color you want to pop. Do you know corals are the beach essential nail shade? Now, that’s some cool reason to grab one. Coral compliments even the light skin tones and looks natural and pretty.

Pastel: Pastel is any color with a lighter shade. It’s a watered down version of dark colors. Grey is exactly a “pastel blue.” A lighter tone can never go out of spring fashion. From pink to blue, anything pastel can work wonders this season. Pastels are always popular, but for spring, it is more modernized, a little brighter and not at all chalky. My favorites for spring are soft peaches, mints, yellow, blues and a new flavor of the season-orchids. Crème pastel polishes are a staple for spring, because of their versatility; leave it alone or layer them, the choice is yours. This spring, go for matte, shimmer or soft glitter for a more enhanced look.

Gentle Blue: Cool Blues, Pale Blues and Blue Ice are grabbing my attention this season. Blue pearl is absolutely amazing for any day or night outing. Go for blue shades with a slight touch of shimmer. This makes your nails look more sophisticated and can be wearable for formal parties or work. You can also add your touch of glam to pale blue with silver glitter on top coats. It gives icy look to your nail. Do not go overboard with the glitter as it can destroy the entire look. Muted blues are a great welcome to the warm weather. If you do not wish to go for anything in white, then muted blues is your next big thing.

4 Must-Have Nail Polishes to Brighten Up Spring
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (100% score)

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